Thursday, December 16, 2010

My brother

This is my favriote boys.

This is mary haveing her 10 birthday

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The best hat for me


Top Ten Shoes


Friday, November 19, 2010


On Wednesday we went to swimming. As we were putting the life jacket on we had to get into to partners so your partner can help you put. My partner was Senolita she helped me put on my life jacket. As soon as I was finished Chris came along and said if you are finished you can hop in the pool.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My Movie about Jessie Martin

Here is my movie hope you enjoy watching it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


On Monday I saw with my own eyes teachers all dressed up like insects. I went to class to look at the topic and it was ‘’Little Critters ‘’ so I said we are learning about Little Critters. Next the bell rang for our Immersion Assembly.

When all of us sat down Mr Burt came in dressed up in black and was wearing a mask with a long pointy nose. He was a mosquito and he said to Mr J ‘’I am going to eat you.’’

After that Team 1 showed their dance. They were doing Incy Wincy Spider and the next one was Little Miss Muffett Sat On Her Tuffett finally the last song was Spider Man.

My favourite part was Team 3 and Team 4 but my favourite of both was especially when Miss Squires was feeding jelly to Mr Barks who was a queen bee.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Inter School's

On Wednesday the inter zone competitors walked to Glen Brae school to have a race. When we got there we all went to put the mat on to the ground and sat down and then we ate our lunch. When the lady said, "Stop look and listen," we stopped talking and looked at her. She asked for the 7 and 8 year old girls come up to the start line so they all went up. The lady said,"On your mark get set go so they all ran down the hill around the cones. They went so fast that I could not see, I felt like they were really really super fast.

We were cheering for our schools. Pt England was coming first but when they turn Pt England went the wrong way so this Glean Brae girl went past here so we keep and cheering for them when they came back from.
In the race Pt England came first.
Next the 9 year old girls went to their race. When they went Serena came first then it was the 10 year old girls. I came first on the inter school’s. THE END

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cross Country day

Cross Country

On Wednesday it was cross country day I was so happy that it did not rain. When the bell rang I went to class and sat on the mat. Miss Squires said get changed into your house colour clothes. I asked Miss Squires, “Is Cross Country starting at 9.00 O clock?” She said “Yes” so I went to get changed into our house colour then went back to class to sit on the chair.
When we went to line up in our ages we all started to talk to our friends. Mr Burt said stop look and listen so we stopped and looked at Mr Burt. He said “Now Cross Country is ready to start now”. He told us that we have to look at the cones before we ran and look at the teachers.
So we started with the 11 and 12 year old boys and girls. Mr Burt shouted, “on you marks, get set”, boom. They went the around the cones, out the gate, and through the muddy bits.
Now it was the 10 year old girls race Mr Burt said are you ready girls we said “Yes” so Mr Burt clap the wood so we all ran. Now it was the next 10 year old boys. Mr Burt clapped for the ten year old boys then off they went. Next up was the 5 year old’s. When Mr Burt clapped for them to go, they all ran like a bunch of animals.
After that we all of us had a turn so we all had to go back to our ages and we were singing our house colours song yellow was first to do there songs and then blue after blue it was green after green was red when the race finish I was proud of my self for coming first. The End.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

king of the hill

King of the Hill

On Thursday night I watched King of the Hill because that is my favourite movie.  I always watch it before I watch Family Guy. You know my favorite movie comes on at 6:30 but  Family Guy comes at 7:00 clock and finishes at 7:30. You now my favorite movie out of family guy all King of the hill? guess if you now just go to my blog and I will look who is the winner enter now if you enter and you are the winner I will put it on my blog and stay you are the winner.

Jesse Martin

Jesse Martin

As Jesse Martin was going to grind the winch, the wind was howling. The Strong waves were crashing in to the gunnel's.As it was crashing and gliding Jesse martin hands were really really numb because the waves were splashing and spraying.

Monday, August 2, 2010


In the weekend I played lape. It was funny and cool because our auntie played with us and our uncle too. We also had some lollies and had a drink and we also had chocolate. It was so so so yum and delicious. We were the winners because they did not have a turn for batting. They were angry and they did not want to play. You know, I said, "Should we give them a turn because they are angry?"he said  "Yes'' so we changed sides and they were all happy.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mary Immersion Aassembly.

Immersion Assembly

Last Thursday it was the first day of school we went to the hall and sat.I was amazed because all the teachers were dressed in some funny costumes. They were all like captain on boats and also they look like pirates and some famous people like Jessica Watson and Jesse martin all Jame cook like they around the world like Jesse martin sailed when he was 4 years old he sallied around the world and had his own boat that was when he was a little boy. But Jessica Watson sailed when she was like 10 years old. Now what were we up to o year we were talking about Immersion Assembly what bit did we get up to I think I no o whats our topic our topic this term is mighty marines for this term.My favorite part is team 3 how they scramble the lollies out with the Patty Popper and my second one is how team 4 said there names and all so they show some self to take it to the Polynesian and she had a fan with her because she would get hot. By Mary

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mary glee

When I watch glee. When I watch TV with my mum she change the TV to number 4 and then ha mum can we watch number 4 she stays why whats on I stay glee she said yes so she change it back to 4number 4.

When we watch glee I see Rachel sings here part and when she sing don't stop be live it when they sing they have A nice voice. when she sings all here songs she sounds like she is A singer on TV.

She is the best singer out of glee when she said that she go's out with Jessi but the man who knows how to sing likes her. But she wants to go out with Jessi. But Jessi likes her to but when Rachel was talking to the man Jessi just came up to Rachel behind her back and said to the man stay away from my girl he said yes I will then he walked away.

When the girl was staying I want to talk to him but you just said stay away from my girl but I said stay away from my girl we were trying to just talk.

When he came back he said sorry and then he stays could we be back together she said yes SO THAT WAS THE END OF THE MOVIE

Friday, June 25, 2010

One Tree Hill


When we went to one Tree Hill. WHEN WE GOT TO SCHOOL Miss Squires said did you bring your note? We said yes and then she said well done. After that the bell rang and we went to line up at the deck to go with our bag to the hall and sat down.

Mr Burt said "Do you have to go to the toilet?" I said "Yes" so I went to the toilet and came back. When I got back from the toilet Mr Burt said "Take an apple before you go" so I went to get a apple and went to the bus.

After we got in the bus we went off. As soon as we got there we hopped off the bus and went to our teacher and lined up. First went to this room and it was cold in the room so the lady closed one door. After we finished we went to eat our lunch and went to play. When Miss Squires said we are going to next one.

When we were walking we asked Ms Squires if could we go down and
write our names with the stones. She said "Yes" so we all ran down to write our names. When we got down there, there was cow poo and the boys in our class said that that was the pigs poo.

When we finished writing our names Ms Squires said "We are going now" so we all ran back up and then we went to the top of one tree hill. After that we were going back to eat our lunch and play Capture the Flag before we went back to school.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My favourite singer.
I am here to tell you about my favourite singer. My favourite singer is Usher because I like his songs. I like his songs that I have seen on a clip. I like his voice too. He was born in teaxs. he had losts of awards.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Capture the Flag

On Friday Room 14 and 15 played Capture the Flag. After Miss King explained to us the rules she divided us into teams. She said, "Green you are on that side of the field and red you are on that side of the field.
Miss King said, "Go" and we ran to the flag. We sprinted off with excitement like stampeding animals. We tried hard to get to the flag.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome to Room 15 Mary.
For everyone reading Mary's's blog here is a link that takes you to the posts she wrote for her class's blog last year.
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