Monday, December 17, 2012

Prize Giving 2012

As people were walking into the brezze I said ''WOW'' because it was so packed. As it started everybody went quite and Mr Burt was dressed up nice he was wearing his tuxedo.

 As it was time for year 5 to show there wonder for  dance. As It was finish I couldn't wait for our turn it was a long way but I still waited Patently.

Now it was time for prizes to get handed out then it went to year 6 and then Finally it was time to go up and get a prize. I got 100 attendance for coming school everyday. Then it was time for our Item I was so  nervous but at least I wasn't scared at all.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Best Friends.

My Best Friends are Caroline,Serena,Oshaina,Vanessa,Jessica,Alexandria and Senolita. Serena was my Best Friend since I started she was kind and fun to play with. But Caroline and Senolita was my Best Friends since I was a year 5 but now I am a year 7.  This year me and my friends have been playing tiggey at the senior park.

Monday, December 10, 2012

My future Career

My Future Career Is....
When I am older I would like to work at Factorie in Sylvia Park. Factorie is a place where you can buy clothes,shoes and also skateboards. When I first walked in I was like ‘’OMG’’ because it looked so cool and it smelled nice.

I would like to drive as well. I would want a BMW to drive to my work. I would want to be a manger as well. And I would want to work at the counter with my cousin Alexandria.

If someone try to steal from factorie I would chase them and report them to the police.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

I felt overwhelmed using my netbook because I missed it. And because I had to leave my netbook in the Holidays,Weekends and school nights.

As I was waiting for my name to get called out to come and get my new netbook I was so happy. As I placed my netbook on the table. I was so excited because I didn’t have to use pencil and paper.

As I opened the box I was so amazed because that was my first time having a netbook. As the whole class counted up to 3 we all turned it on as a click on the switch it brightly turned on.

The internet connection is going so well but last year it was so slow that I couldn’t get my work done properly. This year my netbook is working great because I am using Wairehe but before was so bad because I was using TLN (Manaiakalani).  

I don't want to go back to pencil and paper because when you make a mistake because you have to cross it out and it will look ugly but when you are on a Netbook you just need to push delete.