Saturday, April 28, 2012

In the weekends I was on Math Whizz it is a site where u can do lots of Math on. W hen I first went on it I saw a hippo and a cat the hippo was bouncing his own head and the cat was doing backflips. It was a little bit funny but I said ‘why is my name on the door’? Then my teacher said’ that is your math whizz bedroom’ Then I said ok it looks cool. Go on Math then sign up if you dont have 1. Then write your password in and your username. Then log in and there you go!!! Math Whizz for everyone....

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Karaoke 2012

On a wonder for night on the 26 0f April 2012 we were playing a game called karaoke with my sister's and cousin. 'It was so funny because we were all singing so loud like a radio. 'When we all stopped  and said 'change the song to Purple Rain By Stan Walker '.  All of a sudden we heard someone already playing purple rain on their radio then we all laughed. It was the funniest night ever!!!!
Rose had the best voice out of all of us she sounded like beyonce .

My favourite song we played is called 'Why' By Mampi!!!!

My MihiMihi 2012

My MihiMihi 2012....

riding my bike

In the Holiday’s I stayed home  riding my bike. It was a beautiful day it was good friday next too easter. It was so boring cause it was so hot and I was the only person  on the road. Then my cousins came out to play some  volley it was a little bit boring to because they keep hitting the ball out . Then I started to make ramps when jump over it it will be cool because more people  came to join me  It was so funny because I nearly fall and it was the best thing ever staying home riding my bike.