Friday, October 28, 2011

Watching The Game

On Sunday I was watching France vs All-blacks it was a tough Match. When I was supporting the All- blacks I was dressed up I was wearing Black tights and a black jumper and plus I was wearing also paint on my face. When it started at 9:00 all 9:30 I was saying ‘Alllll Blackkkks’ And I said whoooooo then they were walking out to the filed geting ready for the national anthem I was singing the NZ song because I new how to sing it but my cousin Lewis Was supporting France then when it was France turn to sing their one my cousin was singing. Then it was time for them to do there Hakka it was funny course when the all blacks were doing there Hakka France looked jealous And when France were doing there one all blacks looked angry.......

Then it was time to kick of all blacks kicked of then France had the ball then they played and played then all blacks got 7 points and then they played again then France got 6 points then it was 1 minute then time was up then it was past 1 minute then all-blacks won then I was angry very angry because I had go and sleep over my Nana's then I walked there and then when I went the game was finshed. The End

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Outta This World

On the first day of term 4 we had an Assembly. When I was in the hall I was looking at all the teacher’s as they were all ready to perform their item. It was team 1 first. When it started I was laughing hard because it was the best topic ever and now I can tell my mum about rockets and out of space every thing that I learn at school. This is the best Assembly ever! Team 1’s story was about the sun. There was no sun and that’s why they tried to make a sun and because they were cold and had no jackets. Team 2’s story was about the robots dancing in space. That was so funny because Mrs She was dancing crazy and Mrs Glaze was the best. I loved their one and was my second item. Then it was time for team 3. Their one was about going to the toilet in space. Mrs Barks asking if you went out into space and you needed to go to the toilet what would you do? Then it was team 4 my teachers was in it their one was about twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are. Then it was time for team 5 their one was all about super hero's that was my frist one the best and I loved my topic it was all about Outta This World. The End