Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life Caravan.

Yay! Room 21 has been going to the life caravan. I really enjoyed going to the life caravan because I like to learn more things about our body.  

When we went to the life caravan we met Lynn and Angela. The first thing we did was to get into lines from tallest to shortest  and boys and  girls. When we got in the caravan we saw lots of body parts, pictures and we also saw lots of Harold toys. Angela showed us some pictures of body parts that were sticking onto the wall.

 When Angela turned on the projector we saw some tv programs like the digital tv with the dog in it and the warehouse one. Like “the warehouse, the warehouse, where everybody gets a bargain”. After that we got into groups of 3 and Angela handed out some body parts. My group partners were Senolita and Caroline. We had a stomach. The maori name for stomach was called puku.

Our whole group had to say some things about the stomach. All I had to say was where is your stomach and which side it is on. Caroline had to say the hard bit because she had to read this long as paper which had hard words. Last but not least Senolita had an easy one. She just stood there and waited  till we finished and then she stuck  it onto the wall. Later on when we finished doing our body parts with our partners we started to look at a video. It was about smoking.

Smoking makes your heart go rotten. It can give you cancer. The video was about a girl who was playing netball who made it in the rep team. She had to pick her sister up from school. But her friends said to come with them. But she didn’t know what to do so she had to pick one of them.  She picked her friends. Then they  went to smoke with her friends other friends. Then the teacher came and nearly saw them smoking and then the teacher told them to ‘’go home’’. Luckily she decided not to smoke.

I learnt that smoking and drugs can make your heart and lungs got rotten.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cross Country

Yay! One day before Cross Country and I was feeling Excited because I like Cross Country. On Friday the 17th of August Pt England School had Cross Country.

It was a huffing and puffing day for Pt England because we had to run 3 kilometres but also we had very good helpers to help us they were from Telecom.

The house captains for Takitimu was Vanilla and Kade they are very good captains. As soon as the lunch bell rang we all ran straight to class to get change before 12.30. As the clock striked 12.30 we lelf to go to the netball courts and lined up into our age groups.

When it got up to 12 years old girls I was nervous because my tummy had butterflies when we got up to go to the start line Miss Flavelle told me to come frist but I said ‘’I don’t know because stephanie was racing with me’’ then she said ‘’try’’ and I said ‘’okay’’ then the 12 year old girls started to go then I ran because I wasn’t ready.

When I was running I saw Stephanie stop so then I realize that my cousin Alexandria was coming 2nd and when we went pass Miss Walters telling us to go around the cone. Then when we went pass Miss Walters I got stuck in the mud then Alexandria ran in front of me then my foot got out and I started to keep running I caught up to my cousin and I went in front of her and when we got up to Mr Somerville and Mr Marks we keep running then we got onto the shelly white shells.

And then threw the bush as soon as we saw Huelo- Ata we started to flow her because didn’t know where to go then we saw a man from Telecom cheering me and my cousin on we keep running and when we got onto this bridge Mr Barks took a photo of us and then told us to keep running  when we finish coming out of the bush walk we had to run 1 lap around the reverse field then back into the school gates. With the school cheering us on when I finshed I was so happy it was over.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Author:Maria Samuela
Illustrator:Sarah Anderson

Main characters:Sami,Ina,Makerita,Janet and Lucy.

This story/article was about:


I liked this story/article because: I like this story because I play Netball and I like to play as a team and finish as a team.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


‘’Yay we have got Basketball today’’. On Thursday Room 21 and Room 15 had Basketball together  with Tai and Shae on the courts. We started to learn the instructions and skills. When we finished learning about the instructions we got into 5 groups and 5 lines. Then we had a warm up. Our warm up was to dribble the ball to the yellow line and grab the ball and put it around your head 5 times and run back to your team.

When we got back the next person went until our team all had a turn. The next drill was to dribble the ball to the white line then pass it to your group 5 times and run back. Then the next person goes.  Another skill we had to do was dribble the ball to the white line and grab it and move it around your stomach 10 times and give it to your partner in your group.

Next we had to dribble the ball to the yellow line then put it around our head then around our stomach and around our legs 5 times. After that we had to stop and wait  for Tai and Shae to tell us when to start. Then Tai and Shae said pack up time to go because the other class came. We put the balls back into the bag and then said “bye”. Next week we are going back to basketball.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ofa Lahi Atu

Title:Ofa Lahi Atu
Author:John Hart
Illustrator:John Hart

Main characters:Latu, Michael, Charles,Steven, Tangasi,Lesieli,Mum,Lea

This story/article was about:Tongan lan

* Speech
* Tongan Language
* Competitions
*editions In New Zealand
*Import Church

I liked this story/article because: I like like this story because it is about Island people.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Champion

This lady is so happy that she won a great gold medal and she is holding it in her right hand. In her left hand she is holding a bunch of flowers.
This Asian lady has a beautiful smile with victory on her face.
She is an amazing athlete and she is standing on a platform while the crowd is cheering.
Now she is a champion and a winner.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Soccer Team

The wild and overexcited Great Britain team just
won their game and now they are champions.
They are celebrating their win on the field.
The crowd went wild and the team were surprised.

The team is hugging each other with joy and happiness