Friday, April 12, 2013

Narrative 2013

Title:The Most Mysterious Night Ever.
Who: Mary & Caroline
When:Night time
Where: One night

Beginning: Complicated/Problem
* Mary & Caroline finished watching Saw. Caroline was so scared to walk home because it was too dark.  After dropping Caroline of home walking threw the main road.
Something was so strange because people were walking up to mary. So I started to run through the Cemetery  because it was closer to home. As I accidently stepped on someone grave I got cursed. A strange laddy popped out my eyeball and I couldn't find my way home.  

Resolution: How the Problem is solved
I hit into a person which I did not know. I heard my uncles voice so I said uncle uncle he knew it was me so he took me home and said what happened. I told him it was a long story.

Then we had a cup of tea  while I told the story.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fiafia Practice!!!

This year the whole lot of Pt England are doing Fiafia. It is the sixth anniversary thats why we are celebrating it. Fiafia is kind of a big thing for islands and also Maori’s it is when you represent your culture by dancing. This year I am joining the Niuean group as always.

Seeing the Niuean group dance is pretty awesome. Because we are focus and we follow the right moves to. Dancing for the Niuean made me change because you're not only dancing for your group you're showing them that you are a true niuean. We are gonna be dancing outside on our school field where there is gonna be a big stage where everybody is gonna see. Kind of like polyfest.

Miss Lavakula and Mrs Lagitupu have been teaching the Niuean group for years. But this year Miss Lavakula, Mrs Lagitupu and also Ross are teaching the Niuean group this year. They are a really awesome at teaching the Niueans because they got the right moves and the right song for us. We always practice every Thursdays and Fridays all sometimes Wednesday.

Fiafia is come up soon on April the 18th. That is gonna be one of my favorite thing to do at school. 1