Thursday, September 27, 2012

Food Tech

HOOK:  I really like cooking because i really like cooking with my mum

I really like walking down to tech with my friends we always talk about tech what we are in and what we have learnt.

It was time to cook miss heka said.  As we walked into the door getting ready. As miss Heka told us we ask her what are we cooking today then miss heka said ‘’chocolate brownies’’  as the class cheered saying ‘’chocolate brownies’’ Yay! we all cheered walking to our bench. Later after that we had to get our trolleys with the things we need in it. When miss Heka said to get these things out we said ‘’okay captain’’. Then we got the things we needed out so we can use it.

As we worked as a team we started to get some job done as a group. We just got only one single bit for the chocolate brownies to cook  we only had to roll it into a ball then put on our tray then give it to miss Heka to cook it in the oven for 15 minutes then take it out when it is cook as it is cook we have to get it then put it in the paper for you to eat later. After that we had to go. the end!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joshua Isefo Brown Brother....

Hook: Wow! I can’t believe we heard Joshua Iosefo speech in real life. It was so incredible listening to his speech based on a true story.

As we walked into the hall to listen to Joshua speech everyone was so happy to listen to it.
Last night I was watching his speech on Youtube. It was so awesome listen to his speech about brown things. As we were waiting patiently for Joshua to walk threw the door we had a little talk about questions. I was so glad to see Joshua walk through the door with his mum. Everybody started to go quite. As Joshua sat down Chante got up said a karaki. As we clapped for Joshua to stand up to hear his speech everyone was so excited to hear all about his speech.

As the frist word came out of Joshua mouth I was like ‘’WOW’’ I liked it how he said ‘’Brown like the tabble his family eats on’’. And brown like him and how he said that his mum is a gabberla and his dad is a acholic it sounded cool.  As i listen to his speech more about him liking drama sports and music he doesn't really like maths, Reading and writing. he only likes drama and music and sports he said he plays rugby and he is good at rugby. Later after that we were listening to his speech it sounded cool as. then kingston asked a question his question was how long did it take to write the speech then joshua said 1 hour.

it was time to leave because the speech was finished and then we said out loud that thank you  joshua.
Then we said bye and thank you very much and we really liked his speech.

My favorite bit about listening to Joshua speech was when he said that if people call him black all brown he is going to call them racists. the end!!!!

Click on this link if you want to see it:

Monday, September 24, 2012

All About Term 3

Hook: Term 3 was a little bit ‘’BORING’’ But I think the next term might be better!!!

I think Miss Lagitupu is a very great teacher because she tell’s us lots of things how we can learn. And how we can participate together. I think that we can learn lots of things in a term. Our topic this term is Go For Gold we are trying to strive  succeed our work. 

I was thinking to find out term 3 was very hard. I think that term 3 was complicated and our work was a little bit hard but unless we tried our ‘’BEST’’.  I think that the sports we done was great and the things we done.  i was finding it tricky.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rugby Game

Hook: Wow! what an interesting game i said to the person next to me. It was a great day to have a game of rugby.

On Friday the 14th of september 2012 there was a rugby game. It was hosted at Pt England School. It was a girls rugby game. It was a semi finals it was Pt England vs Koru. It was a tough game because there was big hits and good tackling. Lucky no one got injured. As the whota blowed the game started it was time to play hard. As Pt England had the ball they started to run  and then the Koru school tackled the person who was holding the ball.

As soon as they did the bridge the ball started to go down to the winger. My cousin Alexandria ran up and 1 of the other team tackled her but she did not get tackled so she keep running and then she got tackled. Then Jaylee got the ball and started to run she was really good because she did not get tackled and she keep running and she got tackled 5 meters next to the try line. As soon as the other team got the ball Pt england started to tackle them.

Then Tina tackled one of them out. Then it was Pt England ball so then Stephanie got the ball then passed it all the way to the winger then Stephanie ran to the wingers side incass they might tackle her so Alexandria got tackled and Stephanie was there to get the ball and got a tackled on the try line so it was a try so the points was 1/0  so it was time to kick into the goal post Shaina was the kicker she got it in and the people cheered so they got back into place.

Then it was Koru ball they ran up and then it was a big smash by Tina she tackled them harder and then it was halftime.’’ It was the last quarter girls’’ Miss V said as the score was 3 all. So it was time to play hard but as it was the last quarter Koru scored 1 goal so the score was 3/4 Pt England had 3 and Koru school had 4.

So it was finished Koru won. And then I was like this to the girls ‘’Good game’’ to all of them but Miss V said to them unless you guys tried your hardest. The End

My best part in that game was when Stephanie scored a goal. Because it looked cool.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pt England School Social

HookLast Night was the ‘’BEST’’ [I said in my head] I really enjoyed going to the social dancing around like animals.

Last night at 6:00 o'clock Pt England School had school social. I really had alot of fun playing with some friends and having a dance competition. When I went inside I saw lots of disco lights and I saw lots of people dressed up pretty and people playing with balloons. When it started we were dancing anywhere with random people. As I saw serena dancing crazy as I started to laugh when I saw Selena Hafoka the D.J I said ‘’Hi’’ to her. She was the best D.J ever because she played the cool songs. I really liked it how Shoal was dressed up and how she danced. Later after that their was a doggie battle and MaryL was the bomb out of the girls.

When Mr Barks said everyone get into a circle for a doggie battle. When everyone got into a circle Mr Barks told anyone to dance and the winner gets a prize. The top to was MaryL and Nezenli they were the best at doggie but then it was a battle out of them two all the girls went for MaryL and all the boys went for Nezenli. Later after that their was a cat daddy battle kaloni won that and it was time to eat we had sausages sizzles and a drink. Then we  went back to dance it was so weird because Caroline didn’t dance she was only sitting down. Serena was going crazy because she was like having a great dance and being vain taking photo’s with Andrea’s Phone.

It was nearly time to go. And everyone went wild like animals. So all the year 7 and 8 we playing follow the leader the leader was Tyer. It was time to go home so everyone lelf to the breeze to see if their parents or sister’s where their. It was funny because we were gonna walk home but we weren't allowed to walk so we were making exhausted but it did not work so Miss Nua said she was going to take us home then Mr Burt said he will take us home then Miss tele’a said she will take us home then Miss Squires said she will take us home then we went home with Miss Tele’a. The End

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spiders Web

Title:Spiders Web
Author:Alan Bagnall
Illustrator:Ross Payne

Main characters:Tama,Dion, and Janine, Kelly and Aaron

This story/article was about:

*Putting up the Tent
*Water Slide
*Spider Tent

I liked this story/article because:I like Putting tent up and I like going camping and I like going on the waterslide.

Monday, September 10, 2012

What if... I Was a Billionaire!!!

If I was a billionaire I will take my family to the Islands. And I will give some money to the charity and to the homeless people. And I will buy a nice house for my family and buy my coffin for when I die. After that I will go shopping with my parents and Friends.Later after that I will donate money to South Africa. As I will be finished sharing my money I will get what my parents wants.

And I will go shopping everyday for some clothes and food. If I was a billionaire I will want to have the Transformers car and a big house with lots of nice things in it. And even I will have an lollie room whenever I want a lollie I can go and get it. Then I will met my favorite singer Nicki minaj and spawn breezie.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mini Olympics

Yay! Pt England School had Mini Olympics for the frist time. I really enjoyed Mini Olympics because we had lots of rotating to do.

Paragraph 1: When we heard that there was Mini Olympics we all were excited. As soon as the bell rang we went to class and got our group name and our group number. I was Taki number 3.When we were all done writing our names we went straight to the hall. When we got to the hall we went to our group name.

Later after that we went straight to Miss Va’afusuaga she was doing an optical race where you have to kick the soccer ball around the cones and then lelf it up and go on the chair and keep running until you got  got to the big tabble and then crawl under it and there is another tabble you have to climb on top of it. Then kick the ball into the goal and come back with the ball and pass it with two hands and then the next person comes.

Paragraph 2: Then the next rotation was jump jam with Mr Slade. It was quite boring. Because lots of people weren't dancing they were mucking around. As soon as we finshed we lelf to the music room when we got to the music room we watched Toy Shop it was funny because Huelo-Ata looked cute. When we finish watching it we had to go back to the hall because it was time to go.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cross Country Xzones

Few! it was Finally Cross Country Inter Zones and I was feeling nervous.

On thursday the 6th of september we had school inter zones. When we lelf to Churchill park school to have our inter zones their. When we got there I was so scared because their was alot of people surrounding us everywhere. I think that out of the Year 7 girls their was over a 100 girls racing. When it was time for us to race we lelf to the start line feeling happy that unless we tried our Best.

When the lady said ‘’On your marks get set go’’ We all started to run when I saw this girl from Churchill Park running fast all the way I said to myself  ‘’she is good’’ so I keep running as soon as we went around the corner I saw lots of people cheering. When we got through the mud we went onto the footpath where I saw some helpers from Churchill school and I said to myself I am not going to make it into the top ten because I was not very good at running.

After that when we got out of the farm we had to do another lap around again I was so tired I should've listened to Samuel because he said Miss V said drink before you run then I said no because I will get a sketch. When I nearly got to the finish line was so happy that I tried my best coming 29th. Then I walked back to Miss V and I saw serena coming next after me she came 30th. The End