Friday, March 23, 2012

Camp Friends

Seeing my best Friends having fun. Playing this Game called old school games when I saw Senolita, Alexandria,Serena Poping other people balloons it look fun. Then when I saw senolita balloon pop I was laughing.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp Helpers

I wish I went to camp. When I saw a lot of people having fun like my cousin, friends and teachers, I felt a little bit sad.

It was a hot sunny day when I did not camp. I had to help Mrs Flavelle and Ms Tamatea and Rocky. All were did was butter bread for camp. The bread took a long time to toast in the toaster so we used the oven. After it was cooked we had to butter it and put jam on it. Then we had to cut it into triangles then put it all in the bowl. I had to put sugar on it and it looked nice so after school at home I made my own one at home. It was so yummy.

The next day I helped by going for a walk down to the beach to give Mr Burt and other helpers some lunch to eat. Mrs Flavelle gave us a chocolate milk and it was so hot. When we came back from the beach we all had to do the scones, half it then butter it, then jam it and put it in the box, then do another one. There were lots to do. I got too tired so Mrs Flavelle said have a rest and eat some fruits so we did when we were finshed I had a long as rest. Then it was time to go home.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Sandy Beach
clay bombs
soggy sand
Volley ball
Hot day

On a Hot day our hole school went down to the beach we were so happy. When we walked down we were seeing what the view look like from were we were walking to the beach it was so cool.

Then we keep talking to each other and keep running after that we got to the beach some of us had sore legs like me. When Mr Burt told us the rules then he said follow your teacher so we followed them. When we putted our bags on the tarpaulin we run to the beach.

When we got to the sand the sand was burning hot so we race to the water looking shells. When we got their their was a lot of shells but cracked ones. Then we went to the grass we saw people playing softball cricket and volley ball but we were so sarced to join in so we played our own game.
After the game it was boring we went to the clay bomb there was allot of people so we went to miss nua and said ‘what are you doing’ She said ‘noting’ so we said ‘bye’ To her and lelf.

Miss telea told me to ‘come and take a photo’ I said ‘no thank you’. Lots of people were asking me ‘have you seen the clay’ I said ‘yes’ They said ‘were’ I said ‘down there were all the people are next to Miss M’.

Then we went to get a fruit from miss Jarmen It was a nectarine it was so nice. It was so fun but one thing I was so sad that we had to go back to school I was so bored after that when we got back from school. Miss Lagitupu told us to get our net books and go on free time -it was the funnest day ever. The End

My favorite part at the picnic was how we were playing with Miss V how we had to Tech her how to dogie.