Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tamaki Tech

Last week on Tuesday we went down to Tamaki Tech. We had to go to Mr Grundy class he is a type of man who likes to build things out of wood like Trucks, Trailers, and Buses. When we got to Tamaki Tech we went straight to Mr Grundy class and waited outside in a straight line then he opened the door and said ‘’come in’’ then we went in and he said ‘’sit on the bench’’ then we sat on the bench and he told us the rules and gave us a book which had joints and rules on it we had to right the rules on the book and write our names. Then we had to design what we wanted to make out of wood  I wanted to make a Helicopter. I had to draw it on the book and name it....

Then we started to look at other peoples trucks and planes it was the people who was in this class last term then this other class from food tech came to get their trucks and that. Then Mr Grundy said everyone get the wood and design your things like a truck then I started to get all the things I needed then I went to write  my name on the board for help  Mr Grundy said ‘’Mary I’’  then I said ‘’yes’’ then he came to me  and said yes then I said ‘’can you help me on my truck please’’ then he said ‘’yes what do you need me to help you with’’ then said my ‘’truck’’ then he help me with my truck.

After that we had to make it it was so hard because we had to chop our own wood with the saw. I was so struggling to cut it so I asked Mr Grundy if I can.I make a helicopter he said ‘’yes’’  so I measure my helicopter with the ruler it was  easy peasy lemon squeezy then I needed help then I put my name on the board then he said Mary-I then I said yes over here then he came to me and said ‘’yes what do you need help with?’’ then I said with the wood he said just cut it.

Later  I finshed with my wood I started to pack up because it was time to leave then I sweep the ground and put everything back to their place. My favorite bit was when he said if your chair is sticking out he is going to put it on the bench and you're not allowed to take it. My friends Eleva and Rozella chair got taken then they had to stand up I was laughing at them.

                                                     ....The End....

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Two weeks ago on Thursday Room 21 had AFL. It was so fun because I learnt new skills. We all didn’t know what he coach’s name was until the coach told us “ My name is Sandwich” we all started to laugh. Then we started to warm up we played Toilet flush. It is a game when the teachers stand in the middle and they say Toilet then we have to run to the other side. The teachers have to tag us with the ball. That was so funny. Then when someone made it to the other side wins. We finshed our warm up and he started to tell us one of the tips.

We started to learn about drop pun, laces away from faces and up and down. We all had to decide who is the lion and snail. I decided to be a lion then my friend Caroline decided to be a snail. We had to kick the ball and if you get the teachers, Miss Lagitupu and Sandwich, you get 3 points but if you get it in to the netball hoop you get 5 points. Then we lined up behind our partners. The snails went first they got 0 points. Then it was the Lions turn I got  Sandwich on the face!  The lions got 3 points. We all cheered saying ya hoo ha ha until it was snails turn again. They were saying they are going to win. Sandwich said the lions won. We were cheering hard out and saying yay. All of us went to sit down on the ground because Samwich told us to.

Then we had to kick the ball to our partners my partner was Caroline. She was my partner because my other friend was gone to Kapa Haka. Then it was funny because Samwich said to Caroline when she nearly kicked  he said “laces away from faces.”
She said “oops” and we were laughing. We had to run for the ball and kick the ball high for our partner to catch it, then we had to kick it low where their hands were
like a target.

Then we started finished what we were doing with Sandwich. After that we went back to class to pack up so we can go home, but first we had to put the balls away inside the bag and get into a straight line, then say bye to Sandwich. The End

Thursday, May 17, 2012

MaryI Picasso & Daneilla

 Room 21 have been asked to learn about two famous artists. Their names are Picasso and Daniella Hulme. Picasso is  famous for painting in the style of Cubism. Daniella is a famous artist because she likes to draw island girls and patterns. She is married to a Samoan man.

‘The Weeping Woman’ was created by Pablo Picasso. ‘The Weeping Woman’ has different types of patterns and has lots of lines created by Pablo Picasso. He is a man who likes to use lots of types of faces. Picasso art work is so scary because it looks like a monster and it looks ugly.

‘A lazy day in paradise’ was created by Daniella Hulme. All I can see in her art is lots of patterns and bright colors. Her style is modern and her theme is Pacific Island. The colors she used for her art is hot and cold. She used lots of yellow, blue, pink, green and red. And some colors were bright and  some were dark. She used her own style and her own colors. And she even used my favorite flower and color.

All I learned about the two artists named Picasso and Danielle Hulme is they are talented. When I saw the beautiful colors in ‘A lazy day in paradise’ it looks so beautiful like you're in Samoa.  I learned that Picasso likes to use different kind of angles swiggle lines and stright lines as well.

 My final thoughts is Danilla Hulme is a modern artist.

Friday, May 11, 2012


On  Friday we had Assembly it was so cool. The frist thing we done at Assembly was road saffy when we have to learn going to the crossing.

We had to watch a movie about using the crossing so nobody gets hurt. Then we learned about the competition who makes a better movie then Mr Burt the competition is all about winning a camera.

Then we learned about prefects the prefects were Selena H, Toreka,Joshua,Seni-mino,Silvia,Miracle,Joe,Samson, they are the prefects of Pt England School.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Famous Artist

Room 21 got asked to learn about famous artist. These famous artist are Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse. Vincent van Gogh's Sunflower paintings have been duplicated many times by various artists.

I begins to notice aspects that seem to flow from one piece to another. The colors are vibrant and express emotions typically with life of sunflowers bright and dark. yellow is the mostly bright and shining color and brown is the darkish color like evening.

Henri Matisse is famous of his art because he used colors like nobody else. The various painting of sunflowers and Vincent Van Gogh are a perfect example of this. Van Gogh used  his color was lots of yellow, orange and brown and he used dark colors and bright like light color and midnight.

La Musique is famous of sound function one-by and Each color has an identifiable timbre, a specific particular style of art. La Musique has bright color like contrast.

I enjoyed listening about Henri Matisse and Vincent Van Gogh and I really enjoyed writing about them and learning information.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Riding My Bike

In the Holiday’s I stayed home  riding my bike. It was a beautiful day it was good friday next too easter. It was so boring cause it was so hot and I was the only person  on the road. Then my cousins came out to play some  volley it was a little bit boring to because they keep hitting the ball out . Then I started to make ramps when jump over it it will be cool because more people  came to join me  It was so funny because I nearly fall and it was the best thing ever staying home riding my bike. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Day 1 Room 21
In Room 21 we learned about Matisse. He was a man who liked art. He liked to use colours on his art. He used colours that meant something like yellow makes Matisse dance and blue makes him sad and red makes him angry as. Then we had to learn more information about Matisse. When we finished learning about Matisse we all started to look for 5 photos of his art, but we could pick one to draw. I picked this girl who was so angry and sad. I knew by the colours. It was red and blue it was so hard to draw it because I had to colour the picture dark. It was awesome.

Day 2 Room 22
Last week on Monday we had Rotation week. It was when we all started to do different things together. Room 21 had to go Room 22 to Miss Nua I felt happy because we had to learn information about Van Gogh I had no idea who was he. It is a man who likes to do Art once he done a silly thing. He chopped his ear off for his girlfriend. When we learned information about Van Gogh we all started to draw a picture of a half of a sunflower. It was so hard because we all had to try do the same as Van Gogh. I felt so happy

Day 3 Room 18
The next day for our Rotation we had to go to Room 18 we had to learn information about Picasso he is a famous art person. We had to create a picture out of picasso work art it was. When we had to watch a video about him. He done step by step on his art then Mr Barks paused it we all had to do what the video said. When I done the ovale  and the the other face it made me laugh because the one I drawed it looked like a old lady. all I learned in Room 18 was picasso making his art with other people faces and ears with different parts.  I felt excited

Day 4 Room 19
In Room 19 we had to learn about  Claude Monet  he was a man who liked different type of colours like mix colours and all sorts of colours. When we finished looking at Claude Monet we started to paint anything we want to do it was so cool. I had a lot of fun. When I was finished painting my picture I started to do another one.It felt happy jug

Day 5 Room 20
In Room 20 I liked it because I learned most of the staff about diana she was a lady who liked to paint pacific people. She even done a island girl holding some fruits she was a beautiful. Miss Squires said we are going to draw Rock Melon,Mango,Banana,and Grapes. When we started to paint we had to do brush strokes it was kind of cool when we started to do the Rock-Melon. It felt cool!