Monday, May 27, 2013

Fun Run

Everyday except Monday after morning tea time we always run around the whole reserve to practice for cross country coming up next term. Because the teachers said practice makes it perfect.

As we waited for the teachers to tell us when we start we justed started to talk to our friends, Off we all went sprinting around the whole entire field pasting ourselves. Not like the other people sprinting off like they were in a real race and then they stop half way. Passing other people who stop because they were tired made me and my friend Vanessa laugh.

As we got down to where the beach was we had to make a stop because of me. I was puffing a huffing because I was so tired. I said ‘’ When we get past the goal post we run’’ to my friend vanessa as she replied back and said ‘’Okay’’ and smiled.

As we nearly got to the finish line we said ‘’come a tie’’. So as we ran threw the gates we came 1st our of the girls. As we cross the gates with victory we started to laugh. That made my day.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Reading Reflection 2


TITLE: Flossie Teacakes Holiday
AUTHOR:Hunter Davies
PAGES:21- 30
DATE:15 May 2013

This story is like my life because I always touch my sister stuff without permission.

Why did she change her name for?
Because she wanted to.

How does she turn 16 years old when she wears the big warm puffy coat? And WHY? Because this story is not based on a true story but some bits are.


On a Cold day the whole lot of Pt England school were wondering who was coming to our school.  I thought it was John Key who was coming but until Mr Burt had told us it was ‘’WILL.I.AM’’, Everybody was overwhelmed talking about him saying that he was a famous person who is a singer in a song called ‘’Scream and shout’’. Which I didn’t know who he was until Mr Burt showed the whole school a picture of him.
Some people were counting down from 10 to 0 seconds waiting for him to walk in threw the doors. Finally he walked threw the doors, Cameras were clicking the light were bright that I got a fright. Seeing WILL.I.AM made me wanting to seach his name on google, People shouting and screaming loud made my ears hurt.  

As he took a set next to the stage. Vivienne and Patrick came up and done their karakia in their own language. Vivienne done her karakia in Tongan and Patrick done his one in Maori. After they had down their karakia the Kapahaka people came on. WILL.I.AM was supraised that he did’nt  know they were performing for him. Later on after the maori group had finished the hip hop people came on they performed to him as well.

After they had finished WILL.I.AM stood up and told us about his family. He told us a story about his mum raised him without seeing his father, It made me think about my dad which is in australia. It was a sad story which he had told us. After he had told us lots about his family he brang out a check which had $100.000.00 dollars which had been promoted to the Manaiakalani Education Trust.

He didn’t want to go back to his home town without leaving something behind, He said without leaving something behind he might have wondered that will be sad. Who knows why doesn’t he want to leave anything behind?. He said that with the money you could by apps,Ipads,Computers and also Laptops.

People were wondering how come he is here. I thought that he was here because he liked our school work. But then then Mr Burt and The teachers told us why did he come. They said that he liked our school because he wants us to learn about SCIENCE, ENGINEERING  and also MATHS. WHY? Because he wants us to become what we want to in our early life.  


Monday, May 13, 2013


Getting 102 happy faces in Xtramath made me wonder am I getting a bit better then last time. I felt proud of myself. Hope Mrs Tito is proud of me as well.

Friday, May 10, 2013

My Best Friends

This movie is dedicated to my best-friends Serena, Caroline, Jessica, Vanessa, Jay'lee, Gracey, Makalita, Alexandria, Oshania and Eleva. Hope you like it.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mary Reading Reflection 2013

TITLE: Flossie Teacakes Holiday      
AUTHOR:Hunter Davies
Date:8th of may 2013

This book is Based on a family named Teacakes. This story is mostly about a little girl named Flossie. She likes toto too much which she can not stop. She goes threw her own sister room and touch things she is not meant to touch. As she was searching threw her sister’s room she found a big warm and puffy coat that was magical. Whenever she tries it on she turns 14 years old.

Main Characters
The main characters in the story are Flossie and Bella.

Later in this story I got more interested because it showed more detail about the book which in it I wasn't in this story but until it came to the middle it got really interesting. 

I really like this book because it shows me more detail which I know and it is really interesting

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What my friends say about me!

Last Term room 19 has been doing a thing where everybody say's something about you on a piece of paper.  People have had to write on the piece of paper stuck to your back with a little bit of brown tape. You are ONLY aloud to write POSITIVE things like '' your pretty and cool'' and others things that makes them feel great. I wrote nice things on other people's back that were positive.

I like how my friends said I was so ''cool,funny,fast runner and also your the best house captain ever. I really a presbyterate those kind and nice things they said about me.  I think people have said those kind words and true things about me, I really think some people justed wrote anything on my back because they might of had nothing to say. But unless they wrote on my back with kind words and those other things they said.