Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mary Immersion Aassembly.

Immersion Assembly

Last Thursday it was the first day of school we went to the hall and sat.I was amazed because all the teachers were dressed in some funny costumes. They were all like captain on boats and also they look like pirates and some famous people like Jessica Watson and Jesse martin all Jame cook like they around the world like Jesse martin sailed when he was 4 years old he sallied around the world and had his own boat that was when he was a little boy. But Jessica Watson sailed when she was like 10 years old. Now what were we up to o year we were talking about Immersion Assembly what bit did we get up to I think I no o whats our topic our topic this term is mighty marines for this term.My favorite part is team 3 how they scramble the lollies out with the Patty Popper and my second one is how team 4 said there names and all so they show some self to take it to the Polynesian and she had a fan with her because she would get hot. By Mary

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mary glee

When I watch glee. When I watch TV with my mum she change the TV to number 4 and then ha mum can we watch number 4 she stays why whats on I stay glee she said yes so she change it back to 4number 4.

When we watch glee I see Rachel sings here part and when she sing don't stop be live it when they sing they have A nice voice. when she sings all here songs she sounds like she is A singer on TV.

She is the best singer out of glee when she said that she go's out with Jessi but the man who knows how to sing likes her. But she wants to go out with Jessi. But Jessi likes her to but when Rachel was talking to the man Jessi just came up to Rachel behind her back and said to the man stay away from my girl he said yes I will then he walked away.

When the girl was staying I want to talk to him but you just said stay away from my girl but I said stay away from my girl we were trying to just talk.

When he came back he said sorry and then he stays could we be back together she said yes SO THAT WAS THE END OF THE MOVIE