Monday, June 27, 2011


Something brushed up against my foot and my surprise turned to horror as I looked down I saw.....A HUGE Snake slithering between my feet. It nearly bit me but I ran as fast as I could. Suddenly I triped over a branch and I fall over and it nearly bit me again. I got up as fast as I could and ran and ran.

I called my dad then he came and said what is it I said a snake nearly bit me then he went to the garage and opened the garage door and there was a huge snake it was red white and black. But suddenly My dad could not get the x so he was panicking that me and him would die he was trying to think of some think because the snake was coming close to me and I said “dad dad help me then he said hold on” because the snake nearly bit him so I sawed a gun on the ground so”I said dad I found a gun” then he told me to shot the snake and I shot the other snake coming close to my dad.....

Then my dad said great job for killing the snake and finding the gun he said keep it up. Then we went to tell mom about the story then my gave me a piece of a box of roses chocolate. THE END BY MARY I.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Tallest Tower

Last week on Thursday we made towers with paper. We had to get in groups of 3, 2 or 1. In my group was Zion and I, we had to get the things we needed on the table. We got papers, scissors, Glue and tape. When we finshed getting the things we needed we started to look for a spot where it was much quieter. After looking for a spot we started to think. After thinking Zion came up with a great idea, her idea was to build the tower with lots of paper. We made a much bigger one but it did not have legs.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Riper rugby

On Monday we played riper rugby and the boys played rugby they vs some schools and they won some of them lost one there game and won all. We walked there I was so happy and scared when we got there we ate a little snack and we got ready we were warming up some of the people went to the toilet. After they came back from the toilet we lined up on the grass were the hers schools when we lined up this man said can he talk to the couch then all the couchers went to talk to him he was just telling them were to go. Then we went to get our tags on we vs Balley road school and we won by 4 points then we vs this other team then we vs a nother team then we vs tamki primary then we went back to school. I ENJOYED RIPER RUGBY.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mine Mine Mine

Wednesday Mr Somervile read us a book called mine mine mine. It was about a little girl named Gail she meets her cousin named clare she calls her cousin greddy but she is the one that is greddy. She plays with her toys with her cousin clare clare go's and get a toy to play with then she says mine mine mine then Clare gets a Nother toy to play with then she says mine mine mine and then Clare say that its I want to go home then was angry then gail mum say share your things and be nice then she say no.

Later she share because her mum told her to and then she shares later on clare go's home. The End