Monday, March 25, 2013

Going to Omaru Creek

Going To Omaru Creek

Last week the whole lot of room 19 went to Omaru Creek to pick some flax. We had to walk down in a line but we justed walked anywhere. As we arrived to Omaru Creek we had to seat on a ta pollen. As Ms Tito was telling us the rules I got scared because she told us one rule. That rule was you are not allowed to pick the flax at night because you might get the baby one all the mum or dad. 

As Ms Tito finished telling us the rules we got a pocket knife to cut the flax. We had to have a buddy to share the knife together I was buddy's with Caroline. It was so funny because I think she cut ted the baby flax. She was so scared so she chucked it under the bush and then she picked another one.

Then it was time to sit down and prepare the flax before we go back to school it was quiet easy but then it came to the hard bit when you rip the red bits off i didn't have any nails so i had to let someone do it. Later after doing that we had to get ready to go to school we picked all our scarab up and rap it all up into a bundle and chuck it under  the bush.

As we arrived back into school we had to go straight to the street and into a circle. As Ms Tito told us tip number 1 all the way to number 5 that's when i failed and stopped I said to myself ''I'm a Failer''.

I felt so hot when we came back from the Creek. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Tuakana Taina (Brother & Sister) - (Older & Younger)!!!

Tuakana Teina Reading from Jaybz on Vimeo.

Tuakana Taina
Every Tuesdays after lunch we always go to the library. We have to buddy read with a partner from room 9.  It is quiet hard because they really don't listen to you or when you are reading a book to them. I picked Zion because I thought he was quiet easy to read to but some how he was distracted by my friend Vanessa. He keep-ed looking at her but no one knows whats going on. When we went outside to read we sat next to Vanessa. We picked the Chocolate book because it looked cool to read but  to long.  I read lots of books to him and I got tired so I told him to go and read with Vanessa.

He didn't want to read with her because she had a partner already. But I told him just go and sit down next to her and then listern. So he went to sit next to her and listened.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

School Picnic

On a cold day the whole school walked down to the beach for school picnic. As we arrived to the        beach it started to get a little bit shinny and warm my toes weren't numb and my fingers weren't cold.

As Mr Burt Finished telling the whole school the rules we had to follow our teachers to our picnic spot.      
As we all got to our picnic spot we all had a little bit of morning tea then we went off to play with our friends. Me and my friends were covering Grace with sand she wanted to be a mermaid. As we finished covering sand over grace and making her as a mermaid we went to play spring ball.

After playing a little game of spring ball we went to have lunch. After our lunch we went to play touch Miss Tito was reefing the game. We had to split our friends 3 on each side and 3 boys on each side so it could be even. As well some girls where not playing as they normally do because they are not use to playing with boys.

Then it was time to pack up and go back to school before 3.00pm. Lucky we got back like around 2.30. As we got to class we were all ready to pack up and we had a quick game of hangman.

I felt overwhelmed because we were going to school picnic and that was our fifth time going to the beach I think.