Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hearing My friends Story

On Friday when my friend Serena got back from camp I was very Existed I ran to her house and
said hi she said I will tell about camp she said it was cool because I helped Miss Flavalle
and Eleva had the best smile and Anahera was about to pick up a Welbie. And then she told me
who she was with in her camben she said in her camben was her Jay-Lee,Litia,Shoal,Viv
Then next she told me about playing volley ball with people then she told me about playing on the
flying fox with her friends then she told me when they were coming back her and Jay-lee was
dance well, the boys were singing the song then she said when we got of the ferry we hoped into
the bus and then she fell asleep Then she told me about how she came back and was very
messy.The End