Monday, December 17, 2012

Prize Giving 2012

As people were walking into the brezze I said ''WOW'' because it was so packed. As it started everybody went quite and Mr Burt was dressed up nice he was wearing his tuxedo.

 As it was time for year 5 to show there wonder for  dance. As It was finish I couldn't wait for our turn it was a long way but I still waited Patently.

Now it was time for prizes to get handed out then it went to year 6 and then Finally it was time to go up and get a prize. I got 100 attendance for coming school everyday. Then it was time for our Item I was so  nervous but at least I wasn't scared at all.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Best Friends.

My Best Friends are Caroline,Serena,Oshaina,Vanessa,Jessica,Alexandria and Senolita. Serena was my Best Friend since I started she was kind and fun to play with. But Caroline and Senolita was my Best Friends since I was a year 5 but now I am a year 7.  This year me and my friends have been playing tiggey at the senior park.

Monday, December 10, 2012

My future Career

My Future Career Is....
When I am older I would like to work at Factorie in Sylvia Park. Factorie is a place where you can buy clothes,shoes and also skateboards. When I first walked in I was like ‘’OMG’’ because it looked so cool and it smelled nice.

I would like to drive as well. I would want a BMW to drive to my work. I would want to be a manger as well. And I would want to work at the counter with my cousin Alexandria.

If someone try to steal from factorie I would chase them and report them to the police.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

I felt overwhelmed using my netbook because I missed it. And because I had to leave my netbook in the Holidays,Weekends and school nights.

As I was waiting for my name to get called out to come and get my new netbook I was so happy. As I placed my netbook on the table. I was so excited because I didn’t have to use pencil and paper.

As I opened the box I was so amazed because that was my first time having a netbook. As the whole class counted up to 3 we all turned it on as a click on the switch it brightly turned on.

The internet connection is going so well but last year it was so slow that I couldn’t get my work done properly. This year my netbook is working great because I am using Wairehe but before was so bad because I was using TLN (Manaiakalani).  

I don't want to go back to pencil and paper because when you make a mistake because you have to cross it out and it will look ugly but when you are on a Netbook you just need to push delete.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Going to Athletics

Walking into the doors threw the gates as I see a humongous crowd filled with colours. Having lots of Butterflies in my stomach because I was so nervous because they all looked fast to me.

Going to find a nice spot for us to sit down and waited patiently for it to start. Sitting down with my buddy Serena talking about the 400m. I was so scared that I didn’t want to do the 400m. Wanting to let my cousin Alexandria race for the 400m with Serena.

As it started everybody wasn’t even nervous at all it was only me and Serena because we had to run the 400m. As we walked to the start line we had to sit down and we got into numbers. Serena was first (BANG) went to the gun in the mans hands of they went sprinting as hard as she  can. She was coming 5th then when she got around the corner she came 3rd of she went sprinting as hard as she can. Cheering as hard as I could seeing her finish that race.

Next up was my race. I was so nervous hearing Miss V telling me to believe in myself. Of I went running as hard as I could coming 2th then when we got around the corner I was coming 1st then when I got passed The discus court this girl overtook me then I came 3rd.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Food Tech....

Hook:Yay! Everybody shouted as Miss Heka finished telling us what we were cooking.

Last Tuesday on the 15th of november the year 7s had tech. I was in Food Tech with my friend Serena and my sister Jessica. As we got to Tamaki College we went straight to our tech class. I walked straight to Food Tech and waiting patiently for Miss Heka to come. As the door opened we went inside and washed our hands and we put our Aprons on then we went to our bench.

As Miss Heka told the washer to go and get the trolley. I went to get it because we needed the things in it like a pan a large bowl and the others. Then later after that Miss Heka told us what we needed to get out and what we didn’t need. Then Miss Heka told us how to make it. We had to split up in 3 partners I was with Serena and Jessica.
It was so hard making Pancakes because our group failed.  Then I wished that we were finished making it and we went back to school.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Going to Manaiakalani Film Festival...

As I walked into the Theatre there was a huge crowd filled with lots of colours.  It was like a rainbow because colours were everywhere.

As we got inside the Theatre we went straight to our seats. Room 22 was right in front of us. I wanted to sit next to my friends because they were right in front of us. So I went around and sat with my friends because they told me to come sit with them.

As everybody was waiting patiently for the lights to turn of and the movie to start we started to talk. ‘’Finally’’ we all said as the film was going to begin. As it started the presenters got up and said there little speech. It began everybody was going wild and screaming.

The first movie to start was One Direction by Tamaki College. It started with 5 Pt england kids then it went 3 years later as they were growing up the 3 years later again then they grow up more then it went 3 years later again they were old. Everybody was laughing because it was so funny. Then there was some more movies. Then later after that we started going back to school fast because it was home time.

My favorite Film was One Direction by Tamaki College because it was funny. I really like the song and I like the moves.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mary Athletic......

Start Last Thursday we had Athletics. I was in Takitimu which represents yellow. As the bell rang we all went to line up at the courts for Athletics.
As we got there I saw lots of colours everywhere on the courts. It looked so cool like a rainbow.  And when people run past me it looks blurry as when they run pass. As Mr jacobsen the small one and Miss Va'afusuaga said ‘’Good Moring school’’ . That was when everybody stops and stay ‘’Good Morning Mr Jacobsen and Miss  Va'afusuaga .  

Then it was time to start the day.  Our first course was Discus. It was so hard because we had to throw our farest.  When it was my turn I went up and got the Discus and threw it my strongest and  I came 2nd.  Then later after that I hate to sit in the 2nd line next to the 1st person. Then later after that I had to have a rematch  with Stephanie straight after moring tea.  Later after everybody finished having a turn we went to our next course High jump with Miss King.  

As we walked over to Miss King for High jump.. Later when we got there We had to sit down and Miss King tells us instructions about how high the pole is going to be.  I had a job. My job was to hold the pole and then when it falls down I have to put it back on the pole.  But none of them made it  over for the 3rd highest. So we had to do it again next week.  

Our next rotation was Javelin  with  Mr Barks.  It was so hard because I thought that if I threw the Javelin I might hit the back people. As it was nearly my turn I was nervous. I was a little bit shaking. As it was my turn I got up and I threw it with all my strength. The Javelin was flying threw the
air all of  a sudden there was a bang on the ground . It went over the 3rd persons throw. I was so happy because I made it in the finals. I came 2nd.

Later after that we went to Soft ball throw.  I came 2nd then later we went to relays I had to sit out for that one because my leg was sore .

Friday, November 9, 2012

How to make a Doughnut Pillow...

How to make
A Doughnut Pillow!!!!

You will need
*2 Blanket in different colour.
*Filling for pillows.

Step 1: This Brown Blanket is for the dough.
Step 2: Fold it in half and draw two circles...A smaller one inside a large circle.
Step 3: Cut along the lines.
Step 4: Use another blanket for ‘’frosting’’.
Step 5: Draw shape of frosting.
Step 6: Cut along the lines.
Step 7: Sew it on the top of the circle.
Step 8: Sew ‘’Dough’’ on the wrong side and leave small opening so you can turn inside out.
Step 9: Fill your Doughnut.
Step 10: Hand sew around small circle of ‘’frosting’’.
Step 11: Cut the crumbs from the sponge and sew it on the Doughnut.  
                        And you're done :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Favorite Toy....

My favorite toy would be a Teddy Bear, because when I was little I used to cuddle it in my hands and sleep with it. My mum said I would never leave it around. I always kept it safe in my own hands. And when ever my cousin’s wanted to hold it or touch it I would always say  ‘’NO’’.
My Teddy Bear is brown and has a red bow on it’s head.  And when you  push the hand it would sing a santa song. The song was ‘We wish you a merry christmas’. My sister Jessica and I had one each.  My Teddy Bear was so important to me. My Teddy Bear was my best friend when I was small. I always used to dress up my teddy bear with my little clothes from when I was a baby.

My teddy bear looked so beautiful. I loved my teddy bear. When it was christmas I always showed my family it and they would always laugh. That made me laugh as well. I got that teddy bear from my grandma. I got it for my birthday. But my teddy bear reminds me of my grandma. I got it when I was 5 years old.

My Teddy bear gives me good luck. Because when I went to sleep I always have bad dreams so I always cuddle the teddy bear and I will always say “I wish I never have bad dreams again”.  Then it comes true.

When I got older and older my mum gave it to my little cousin so my little cousin had it like me. She will always hold it and sleep with it.  

Monday, October 29, 2012

Lost in the Forest.

Forest and City

Rocky ground
Terrible day
Colourful umbrella


Long ago there lived 2 people going for a walk on a nice day. But suddenly it started to rain. ‘’A terrible rain’’ Said Tom as they suddenly saw a person in front of them pulling up their umbrella.

Later on they keep walking on the rocky rocks until they got out of the forest. Lynn and Tom kept walking until they landed up into a bigger forest. They couldn’t find their way out. So they said ‘’HELP help’’.
The rain got bigger and bigger. So they were stoking wet. ‘’Their their’’ said Tom to Lynn I can see a Bird. ‘’Oh no we need HELP’’ Lynn said in an angry way.

‘’NO’’ Tom said we can use the bird to track the way where we are going. ‘’Where are we going’’ Lynn said. Tom said to Lynn ‘’We are going into the city to find a new place just right for us’’. So they carried on walking on the rocky rocks in the forest. ‘’Finding a new place is very hard but we are going to try’’ [Both of them said]Thank you [Bird] they both. A long they went into the big city. Then there it was a big Hotel. [FINALLY] they made it just in time because of the other man brought it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Narative

Once upon a time there lived 3 people. They were going to find a new place because their old Place got burned down. As they went hunting for a new house they saw a big crocodile.  ‘’Oh no what are we going to do with this crocodile’’  Tom said.  Then Linda said ‘’I know what to do with this crocodile we should take it with us’’.  So they did take it with them. Later on there was  a little hut on top of the big hill. Tom called out ‘’Their Their a little nice hut just for us’’.

Then they all started to run. They made it up on top of the hill they all said ‘’FEW that was tiring’’ then they  walked inside the little hut. Caroline said ‘’Wow this little hut is so Beautiful’’. They all looked in the rooms in case there was someones inside the house. But there was nobody.

The Next morning they had a cup of milo. Then the Zookeeper came and found the crocodile. The Zookeeper said ‘’That crocodile has been missing for 10 days without eating. Then Tom,Caroline and Linda said ‘’Oh we feed it not long. Then the mystery problem was solved. Then they all lived happily ever after.

I really liked this story because I wrote it and i really enjoyed writing it.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Mary Narratives

Tim [brother]
Rose [Sister]
Alex [Stranger 1]

Long time ago there lived a little girl named Rose who had a brother named Tim. They lived in a little house near the forest. One night there was a storm. Tim and Rose were out walking that day when the terrible storm happened. They found a little hut near the river. Rose and Tim walked to the little hut and went inside. When they were inside they got a fright.

There were four people inside the house. The storm made a giant hole in the roof. Alex called out ‘’Hurry hurry everybody inside the basin’’ Alex called. As everybody ran inside the basin they where staff and sound.When the storm had stopped they went out of the bassin. And looked up. As they saw a big hole in the roof they said ‘’Ohh how are we gonna fix this now?’’.

Then Dad said I got a idea. ‘’I can fix it’’ he said . As Tim and Rose was heading back home Alex said ‘’before you leave you can  introduce us and you can stay for a cappa’’. Tim and Alex said ‘’Okay’’ and they introduce themselves.

As Dad fixed the hole  in the roof he finished fixing it. He just needed to paint the roof. He painted the wall light blue. As they finished there capa they went to watch television as dad was still painting they were watching him and 1 time dad dropped  the paint around his face by accident and the whole family laughed including Tim and Rose. Later after that Tim and Rose went home.

I really liked that story because I made it up myself and Mr Slade helped me and I really like the bit how the storm helpen’s.

                                 THE END....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Best Friends Forever....

My Best Friends!!!! Hi my name is Mary and I like playing with my friends. I have 9 friends but 1 lelf to Australia. But I really like my friends alot their names are Serena, Jessica, Alex, Senolita, Roezala, Oshaina, Caroline and also Vanessa. We like to play sports and Run alot that is the best things we like to do.
At school we always sit together as [BEST FRIENDS]. 

 And a poem is great for Friends so I wrote two.
My Poem...  
True Friends are never a part maybe in
 distance but not in my heart!!! :)

A friend can be TRUE untill 
you die but a Best Friend knows where to
 find you after that..


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Holiday's.

In the holiday's  i had lots of [FUN]. I was playing with  my friends and cousins and also my aunty's and uncles. It was the ''Best Day Ever''.

 I really enjoyed playing lapa. It is a game when you spilt up into 2 teams an then 1 team bats the ball and the other team fields. And also you have to have 1 bowler to bowl the ball to the other team.
First we did was to spilt into 2 teams then next we made the rules. The rules where no hitting over the gates and no hitting in the bushes because it takes long to find it.

As we played a family game together we where laughing hard out witch we couldn't stop [Crazy].
As I hit the ball I ran each conner of the gate and then waited their so I dont get out. As it was my team was still batting I waited untill someone hitted the ball I ran all the way home I didn't make a home run but i was still batting.

I really enjoyed playing with my family a wonderful game.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Food Tech

HOOK:  I really like cooking because i really like cooking with my mum

I really like walking down to tech with my friends we always talk about tech what we are in and what we have learnt.

It was time to cook miss heka said.  As we walked into the door getting ready. As miss Heka told us we ask her what are we cooking today then miss heka said ‘’chocolate brownies’’  as the class cheered saying ‘’chocolate brownies’’ Yay! we all cheered walking to our bench. Later after that we had to get our trolleys with the things we need in it. When miss Heka said to get these things out we said ‘’okay captain’’. Then we got the things we needed out so we can use it.

As we worked as a team we started to get some job done as a group. We just got only one single bit for the chocolate brownies to cook  we only had to roll it into a ball then put on our tray then give it to miss Heka to cook it in the oven for 15 minutes then take it out when it is cook as it is cook we have to get it then put it in the paper for you to eat later. After that we had to go. the end!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joshua Isefo Brown Brother....

Hook: Wow! I can’t believe we heard Joshua Iosefo speech in real life. It was so incredible listening to his speech based on a true story.

As we walked into the hall to listen to Joshua speech everyone was so happy to listen to it.
Last night I was watching his speech on Youtube. It was so awesome listen to his speech about brown things. As we were waiting patiently for Joshua to walk threw the door we had a little talk about questions. I was so glad to see Joshua walk through the door with his mum. Everybody started to go quite. As Joshua sat down Chante got up said a karaki. As we clapped for Joshua to stand up to hear his speech everyone was so excited to hear all about his speech.

As the frist word came out of Joshua mouth I was like ‘’WOW’’ I liked it how he said ‘’Brown like the tabble his family eats on’’. And brown like him and how he said that his mum is a gabberla and his dad is a acholic it sounded cool.  As i listen to his speech more about him liking drama sports and music he doesn't really like maths, Reading and writing. he only likes drama and music and sports he said he plays rugby and he is good at rugby. Later after that we were listening to his speech it sounded cool as. then kingston asked a question his question was how long did it take to write the speech then joshua said 1 hour.

it was time to leave because the speech was finished and then we said out loud that thank you  joshua.
Then we said bye and thank you very much and we really liked his speech.

My favorite bit about listening to Joshua speech was when he said that if people call him black all brown he is going to call them racists. the end!!!!

Click on this link if you want to see it:

Monday, September 24, 2012

All About Term 3

Hook: Term 3 was a little bit ‘’BORING’’ But I think the next term might be better!!!

I think Miss Lagitupu is a very great teacher because she tell’s us lots of things how we can learn. And how we can participate together. I think that we can learn lots of things in a term. Our topic this term is Go For Gold we are trying to strive  succeed our work. 

I was thinking to find out term 3 was very hard. I think that term 3 was complicated and our work was a little bit hard but unless we tried our ‘’BEST’’.  I think that the sports we done was great and the things we done.  i was finding it tricky.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rugby Game

Hook: Wow! what an interesting game i said to the person next to me. It was a great day to have a game of rugby.

On Friday the 14th of september 2012 there was a rugby game. It was hosted at Pt England School. It was a girls rugby game. It was a semi finals it was Pt England vs Koru. It was a tough game because there was big hits and good tackling. Lucky no one got injured. As the whota blowed the game started it was time to play hard. As Pt England had the ball they started to run  and then the Koru school tackled the person who was holding the ball.

As soon as they did the bridge the ball started to go down to the winger. My cousin Alexandria ran up and 1 of the other team tackled her but she did not get tackled so she keep running and then she got tackled. Then Jaylee got the ball and started to run she was really good because she did not get tackled and she keep running and she got tackled 5 meters next to the try line. As soon as the other team got the ball Pt england started to tackle them.

Then Tina tackled one of them out. Then it was Pt England ball so then Stephanie got the ball then passed it all the way to the winger then Stephanie ran to the wingers side incass they might tackle her so Alexandria got tackled and Stephanie was there to get the ball and got a tackled on the try line so it was a try so the points was 1/0  so it was time to kick into the goal post Shaina was the kicker she got it in and the people cheered so they got back into place.

Then it was Koru ball they ran up and then it was a big smash by Tina she tackled them harder and then it was halftime.’’ It was the last quarter girls’’ Miss V said as the score was 3 all. So it was time to play hard but as it was the last quarter Koru scored 1 goal so the score was 3/4 Pt England had 3 and Koru school had 4.

So it was finished Koru won. And then I was like this to the girls ‘’Good game’’ to all of them but Miss V said to them unless you guys tried your hardest. The End

My best part in that game was when Stephanie scored a goal. Because it looked cool.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pt England School Social

HookLast Night was the ‘’BEST’’ [I said in my head] I really enjoyed going to the social dancing around like animals.

Last night at 6:00 o'clock Pt England School had school social. I really had alot of fun playing with some friends and having a dance competition. When I went inside I saw lots of disco lights and I saw lots of people dressed up pretty and people playing with balloons. When it started we were dancing anywhere with random people. As I saw serena dancing crazy as I started to laugh when I saw Selena Hafoka the D.J I said ‘’Hi’’ to her. She was the best D.J ever because she played the cool songs. I really liked it how Shoal was dressed up and how she danced. Later after that their was a doggie battle and MaryL was the bomb out of the girls.

When Mr Barks said everyone get into a circle for a doggie battle. When everyone got into a circle Mr Barks told anyone to dance and the winner gets a prize. The top to was MaryL and Nezenli they were the best at doggie but then it was a battle out of them two all the girls went for MaryL and all the boys went for Nezenli. Later after that their was a cat daddy battle kaloni won that and it was time to eat we had sausages sizzles and a drink. Then we  went back to dance it was so weird because Caroline didn’t dance she was only sitting down. Serena was going crazy because she was like having a great dance and being vain taking photo’s with Andrea’s Phone.

It was nearly time to go. And everyone went wild like animals. So all the year 7 and 8 we playing follow the leader the leader was Tyer. It was time to go home so everyone lelf to the breeze to see if their parents or sister’s where their. It was funny because we were gonna walk home but we weren't allowed to walk so we were making exhausted but it did not work so Miss Nua said she was going to take us home then Mr Burt said he will take us home then Miss tele’a said she will take us home then Miss Squires said she will take us home then we went home with Miss Tele’a. The End

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Spiders Web

Title:Spiders Web
Author:Alan Bagnall
Illustrator:Ross Payne

Main characters:Tama,Dion, and Janine, Kelly and Aaron

This story/article was about:

*Putting up the Tent
*Water Slide
*Spider Tent

I liked this story/article because:I like Putting tent up and I like going camping and I like going on the waterslide.

Monday, September 10, 2012

What if... I Was a Billionaire!!!

If I was a billionaire I will take my family to the Islands. And I will give some money to the charity and to the homeless people. And I will buy a nice house for my family and buy my coffin for when I die. After that I will go shopping with my parents and Friends.Later after that I will donate money to South Africa. As I will be finished sharing my money I will get what my parents wants.

And I will go shopping everyday for some clothes and food. If I was a billionaire I will want to have the Transformers car and a big house with lots of nice things in it. And even I will have an lollie room whenever I want a lollie I can go and get it. Then I will met my favorite singer Nicki minaj and spawn breezie.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mini Olympics

Yay! Pt England School had Mini Olympics for the frist time. I really enjoyed Mini Olympics because we had lots of rotating to do.

Paragraph 1: When we heard that there was Mini Olympics we all were excited. As soon as the bell rang we went to class and got our group name and our group number. I was Taki number 3.When we were all done writing our names we went straight to the hall. When we got to the hall we went to our group name.

Later after that we went straight to Miss Va’afusuaga she was doing an optical race where you have to kick the soccer ball around the cones and then lelf it up and go on the chair and keep running until you got  got to the big tabble and then crawl under it and there is another tabble you have to climb on top of it. Then kick the ball into the goal and come back with the ball and pass it with two hands and then the next person comes.

Paragraph 2: Then the next rotation was jump jam with Mr Slade. It was quite boring. Because lots of people weren't dancing they were mucking around. As soon as we finshed we lelf to the music room when we got to the music room we watched Toy Shop it was funny because Huelo-Ata looked cute. When we finish watching it we had to go back to the hall because it was time to go.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cross Country Xzones

Few! it was Finally Cross Country Inter Zones and I was feeling nervous.

On thursday the 6th of september we had school inter zones. When we lelf to Churchill park school to have our inter zones their. When we got there I was so scared because their was alot of people surrounding us everywhere. I think that out of the Year 7 girls their was over a 100 girls racing. When it was time for us to race we lelf to the start line feeling happy that unless we tried our Best.

When the lady said ‘’On your marks get set go’’ We all started to run when I saw this girl from Churchill Park running fast all the way I said to myself  ‘’she is good’’ so I keep running as soon as we went around the corner I saw lots of people cheering. When we got through the mud we went onto the footpath where I saw some helpers from Churchill school and I said to myself I am not going to make it into the top ten because I was not very good at running.

After that when we got out of the farm we had to do another lap around again I was so tired I should've listened to Samuel because he said Miss V said drink before you run then I said no because I will get a sketch. When I nearly got to the finish line was so happy that I tried my best coming 29th. Then I walked back to Miss V and I saw serena coming next after me she came 30th. The End

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life Caravan.

Yay! Room 21 has been going to the life caravan. I really enjoyed going to the life caravan because I like to learn more things about our body.  

When we went to the life caravan we met Lynn and Angela. The first thing we did was to get into lines from tallest to shortest  and boys and  girls. When we got in the caravan we saw lots of body parts, pictures and we also saw lots of Harold toys. Angela showed us some pictures of body parts that were sticking onto the wall.

 When Angela turned on the projector we saw some tv programs like the digital tv with the dog in it and the warehouse one. Like “the warehouse, the warehouse, where everybody gets a bargain”. After that we got into groups of 3 and Angela handed out some body parts. My group partners were Senolita and Caroline. We had a stomach. The maori name for stomach was called puku.

Our whole group had to say some things about the stomach. All I had to say was where is your stomach and which side it is on. Caroline had to say the hard bit because she had to read this long as paper which had hard words. Last but not least Senolita had an easy one. She just stood there and waited  till we finished and then she stuck  it onto the wall. Later on when we finished doing our body parts with our partners we started to look at a video. It was about smoking.

Smoking makes your heart go rotten. It can give you cancer. The video was about a girl who was playing netball who made it in the rep team. She had to pick her sister up from school. But her friends said to come with them. But she didn’t know what to do so she had to pick one of them.  She picked her friends. Then they  went to smoke with her friends other friends. Then the teacher came and nearly saw them smoking and then the teacher told them to ‘’go home’’. Luckily she decided not to smoke.

I learnt that smoking and drugs can make your heart and lungs got rotten.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cross Country

Yay! One day before Cross Country and I was feeling Excited because I like Cross Country. On Friday the 17th of August Pt England School had Cross Country.

It was a huffing and puffing day for Pt England because we had to run 3 kilometres but also we had very good helpers to help us they were from Telecom.

The house captains for Takitimu was Vanilla and Kade they are very good captains. As soon as the lunch bell rang we all ran straight to class to get change before 12.30. As the clock striked 12.30 we lelf to go to the netball courts and lined up into our age groups.

When it got up to 12 years old girls I was nervous because my tummy had butterflies when we got up to go to the start line Miss Flavelle told me to come frist but I said ‘’I don’t know because stephanie was racing with me’’ then she said ‘’try’’ and I said ‘’okay’’ then the 12 year old girls started to go then I ran because I wasn’t ready.

When I was running I saw Stephanie stop so then I realize that my cousin Alexandria was coming 2nd and when we went pass Miss Walters telling us to go around the cone. Then when we went pass Miss Walters I got stuck in the mud then Alexandria ran in front of me then my foot got out and I started to keep running I caught up to my cousin and I went in front of her and when we got up to Mr Somerville and Mr Marks we keep running then we got onto the shelly white shells.

And then threw the bush as soon as we saw Huelo- Ata we started to flow her because didn’t know where to go then we saw a man from Telecom cheering me and my cousin on we keep running and when we got onto this bridge Mr Barks took a photo of us and then told us to keep running  when we finish coming out of the bush walk we had to run 1 lap around the reverse field then back into the school gates. With the school cheering us on when I finshed I was so happy it was over.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Author:Maria Samuela
Illustrator:Sarah Anderson

Main characters:Sami,Ina,Makerita,Janet and Lucy.

This story/article was about:


I liked this story/article because: I like this story because I play Netball and I like to play as a team and finish as a team.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


‘’Yay we have got Basketball today’’. On Thursday Room 21 and Room 15 had Basketball together  with Tai and Shae on the courts. We started to learn the instructions and skills. When we finished learning about the instructions we got into 5 groups and 5 lines. Then we had a warm up. Our warm up was to dribble the ball to the yellow line and grab the ball and put it around your head 5 times and run back to your team.

When we got back the next person went until our team all had a turn. The next drill was to dribble the ball to the white line then pass it to your group 5 times and run back. Then the next person goes.  Another skill we had to do was dribble the ball to the white line and grab it and move it around your stomach 10 times and give it to your partner in your group.

Next we had to dribble the ball to the yellow line then put it around our head then around our stomach and around our legs 5 times. After that we had to stop and wait  for Tai and Shae to tell us when to start. Then Tai and Shae said pack up time to go because the other class came. We put the balls back into the bag and then said “bye”. Next week we are going back to basketball.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ofa Lahi Atu

Title:Ofa Lahi Atu
Author:John Hart
Illustrator:John Hart

Main characters:Latu, Michael, Charles,Steven, Tangasi,Lesieli,Mum,Lea

This story/article was about:Tongan lan

* Speech
* Tongan Language
* Competitions
*editions In New Zealand
*Import Church

I liked this story/article because: I like like this story because it is about Island people.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Champion

This lady is so happy that she won a great gold medal and she is holding it in her right hand. In her left hand she is holding a bunch of flowers.
This Asian lady has a beautiful smile with victory on her face.
She is an amazing athlete and she is standing on a platform while the crowd is cheering.
Now she is a champion and a winner.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Soccer Team

The wild and overexcited Great Britain team just
won their game and now they are champions.
They are celebrating their win on the field.
The crowd went wild and the team were surprised.

The team is hugging each other with joy and happiness  

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Reading Task

Title:The High Bar
Author:Lynne Bruce-Nicholson and Harley Nicolson
Illustrator: Martin Bailey

Main characters:Hayley,Coach,

This story/article was about:

*The evil high bar who never liked harley since she was four years old.
*How she was scared  and she couldn’t reach the high bar.
*Without gloves the bar makes her skin rip and hands shred.
*She made the squad when she was only little.
*She was so confident to wear her leotard bike shorts.

I liked this story/article because:Because I want to do Gymnastics since I was ten years old and now I am 12. And she was confident to join the squad when she was 4 years old and now she is 10 now.

All About Wrestling

   The two professional men are challenging each other.
They are mighty strong and they are sweaty and
they are very tired and powerful. They are trying
their hardest to win the match and the blue  man is
struggling. Their faces looks like the blue man
is weak and the red man looks tough.
The red man is doing a arm lock and a leg lock.
The Blue man is pushing the ground hard as he can
so he doesn't lose and the Blue man is pushing the
red man hand away so he doesn’t fall

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Archery Olympics

 This man is concentrating so that he can win.
His left arm is straight and steady. He looks like he is angry.
He is about to pull the trigger to aim for the red dot on the target.
He is getting a little bit red as he is using his strength and focusing on his target.
If he gets the target he will win.