Friday, September 23, 2011

Aussie rules

 How to play Aussie rules,How to pass,How to throw,How to drop kick how to hit.
 Ninja knees, Ninja elbows and the bounce
 The game.


On Thursday we played Aussie rules we frist played passing My partner was Eleva she did not no how to pass that's how come I said pass like this Eleva then she got the hang of it then we had to challenge our own partner then we challenge on bumping our partner then I won then we had a challenge at crab vz fish the I won then we had a challenge at ninja elbow then she won then we played a game of Aussie base-ball then we won course we kicked it and ran to the base lots of time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Super Tux 2

On Wednesday I was playing an amazing game called Super Tux 2. It was a game which I did not no how to play but when I played it every time I knew how to play and I am a game freak at only that game the best game in my life. When I play it was very cool and when you get the Egg ball you grow up and you get a chance then when you get the RED fire hat you can shoot and when you get the penguin you get 100 points. You should play my favorite game called SUPER TUX.The end

Friday, September 16, 2011


My Movie

On Friday I went 2 town on a Train when I was going 2 town I got ready so when I am ready I wait my mom and my sister Jessica. when we were all ready my mom told me 2 get the Taxi then I went and called the taxi The number was 5280400 then the taxi talk long so we walked course my mom needed 2 go work then we walked and walked and the taxi was coming past us then we stop it and he said what is your number address we said 29A Rowena Crees then we went in the taxi and my mom was already waiting for me and my sister Jessica at the bus stop then she payed the money and we went to the train station and it was packed we sawed some Pt England kids waiting for a train 2 come when we got there the train was coming and when it STOP it was so filled with people and my mom was saying they should run a train every 10 min so my mom said why did the train stop if there were lots of people it should just keep going.

Then another 1 came and stop and it was lots of people but some people went out and another came in and then they went and this security man said stay behind the yellow line and people was laughing at him and the man said why r u laughing you laughing want me 2 hold the trains for long and then the man who was laughing he be quite and we all said let the man do his work and then another train came and we went in and we went and it went fast and then it stop and we had to wait me me my mom and Jessica ad a store feet . We were waiting for one hour e left the train station at 5:30 pm and got there at 7:00 pm then we went 2 the ANZ were my mom works and we waited for my anuty Joyce 2 come and pick me and my sister up when we sawed them we waited for the traffic light to go red then we cross over 2 them and my mom and me and Jessica went and cross and I sawed my cousin Tisha and Lorenza and Lewis and my uncle ville dressed up as a clown and was supporting the all-blacks then I was waiting for us 2 go 2 the big screen and i was waiting 2 say bye mom but I did not because I did not see her go 2 work I was so sad and I wanted 2 say with my mom. and my mom went and I shouted bye mom and I nearly cry ed.

Then me and my sister and cousins and aunty's and uncle went to go on the stage and sat down then This lady came 2 took a photo of my uncle ville and then she gave him a card were he can find the photo she took. then the fire-works started then we watched and then we saw 2 man waking down the building like a robot it was so mean that I wished I can do that 2. Then it finished and we went went home and went to play on the Play-station we were waiting for my mom 2 go sleep at the hotel then my mom came at 2:00 am and waked us up then we went 2 sleep the end.