Monday, October 29, 2012

Lost in the Forest.

Forest and City

Rocky ground
Terrible day
Colourful umbrella


Long ago there lived 2 people going for a walk on a nice day. But suddenly it started to rain. ‘’A terrible rain’’ Said Tom as they suddenly saw a person in front of them pulling up their umbrella.

Later on they keep walking on the rocky rocks until they got out of the forest. Lynn and Tom kept walking until they landed up into a bigger forest. They couldn’t find their way out. So they said ‘’HELP help’’.
The rain got bigger and bigger. So they were stoking wet. ‘’Their their’’ said Tom to Lynn I can see a Bird. ‘’Oh no we need HELP’’ Lynn said in an angry way.

‘’NO’’ Tom said we can use the bird to track the way where we are going. ‘’Where are we going’’ Lynn said. Tom said to Lynn ‘’We are going into the city to find a new place just right for us’’. So they carried on walking on the rocky rocks in the forest. ‘’Finding a new place is very hard but we are going to try’’ [Both of them said]Thank you [Bird] they both. A long they went into the big city. Then there it was a big Hotel. [FINALLY] they made it just in time because of the other man brought it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Narative

Once upon a time there lived 3 people. They were going to find a new place because their old Place got burned down. As they went hunting for a new house they saw a big crocodile.  ‘’Oh no what are we going to do with this crocodile’’  Tom said.  Then Linda said ‘’I know what to do with this crocodile we should take it with us’’.  So they did take it with them. Later on there was  a little hut on top of the big hill. Tom called out ‘’Their Their a little nice hut just for us’’.

Then they all started to run. They made it up on top of the hill they all said ‘’FEW that was tiring’’ then they  walked inside the little hut. Caroline said ‘’Wow this little hut is so Beautiful’’. They all looked in the rooms in case there was someones inside the house. But there was nobody.

The Next morning they had a cup of milo. Then the Zookeeper came and found the crocodile. The Zookeeper said ‘’That crocodile has been missing for 10 days without eating. Then Tom,Caroline and Linda said ‘’Oh we feed it not long. Then the mystery problem was solved. Then they all lived happily ever after.

I really liked this story because I wrote it and i really enjoyed writing it.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Mary Narratives

Tim [brother]
Rose [Sister]
Alex [Stranger 1]

Long time ago there lived a little girl named Rose who had a brother named Tim. They lived in a little house near the forest. One night there was a storm. Tim and Rose were out walking that day when the terrible storm happened. They found a little hut near the river. Rose and Tim walked to the little hut and went inside. When they were inside they got a fright.

There were four people inside the house. The storm made a giant hole in the roof. Alex called out ‘’Hurry hurry everybody inside the basin’’ Alex called. As everybody ran inside the basin they where staff and sound.When the storm had stopped they went out of the bassin. And looked up. As they saw a big hole in the roof they said ‘’Ohh how are we gonna fix this now?’’.

Then Dad said I got a idea. ‘’I can fix it’’ he said . As Tim and Rose was heading back home Alex said ‘’before you leave you can  introduce us and you can stay for a cappa’’. Tim and Alex said ‘’Okay’’ and they introduce themselves.

As Dad fixed the hole  in the roof he finished fixing it. He just needed to paint the roof. He painted the wall light blue. As they finished there capa they went to watch television as dad was still painting they were watching him and 1 time dad dropped  the paint around his face by accident and the whole family laughed including Tim and Rose. Later after that Tim and Rose went home.

I really liked that story because I made it up myself and Mr Slade helped me and I really like the bit how the storm helpen’s.

                                 THE END....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Best Friends Forever....

My Best Friends!!!! Hi my name is Mary and I like playing with my friends. I have 9 friends but 1 lelf to Australia. But I really like my friends alot their names are Serena, Jessica, Alex, Senolita, Roezala, Oshaina, Caroline and also Vanessa. We like to play sports and Run alot that is the best things we like to do.
At school we always sit together as [BEST FRIENDS]. 

 And a poem is great for Friends so I wrote two.
My Poem...  
True Friends are never a part maybe in
 distance but not in my heart!!! :)

A friend can be TRUE untill 
you die but a Best Friend knows where to
 find you after that..


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Holiday's.

In the holiday's  i had lots of [FUN]. I was playing with  my friends and cousins and also my aunty's and uncles. It was the ''Best Day Ever''.

 I really enjoyed playing lapa. It is a game when you spilt up into 2 teams an then 1 team bats the ball and the other team fields. And also you have to have 1 bowler to bowl the ball to the other team.
First we did was to spilt into 2 teams then next we made the rules. The rules where no hitting over the gates and no hitting in the bushes because it takes long to find it.

As we played a family game together we where laughing hard out witch we couldn't stop [Crazy].
As I hit the ball I ran each conner of the gate and then waited their so I dont get out. As it was my team was still batting I waited untill someone hitted the ball I ran all the way home I didn't make a home run but i was still batting.

I really enjoyed playing with my family a wonderful game.