Friday, June 25, 2010

One Tree Hill


When we went to one Tree Hill. WHEN WE GOT TO SCHOOL Miss Squires said did you bring your note? We said yes and then she said well done. After that the bell rang and we went to line up at the deck to go with our bag to the hall and sat down.

Mr Burt said "Do you have to go to the toilet?" I said "Yes" so I went to the toilet and came back. When I got back from the toilet Mr Burt said "Take an apple before you go" so I went to get a apple and went to the bus.

After we got in the bus we went off. As soon as we got there we hopped off the bus and went to our teacher and lined up. First went to this room and it was cold in the room so the lady closed one door. After we finished we went to eat our lunch and went to play. When Miss Squires said we are going to next one.

When we were walking we asked Ms Squires if could we go down and
write our names with the stones. She said "Yes" so we all ran down to write our names. When we got down there, there was cow poo and the boys in our class said that that was the pigs poo.

When we finished writing our names Ms Squires said "We are going now" so we all ran back up and then we went to the top of one tree hill. After that we were going back to eat our lunch and play Capture the Flag before we went back to school.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My favourite singer.
I am here to tell you about my favourite singer. My favourite singer is Usher because I like his songs. I like his songs that I have seen on a clip. I like his voice too. He was born in teaxs. he had losts of awards.