Friday, June 29, 2012

My Art

My Writing

My Special Place is in Niue. I picked Niue because I come from there. My artist I picked is Danielle Hulme. When I looked at her paintings, I thought it looked nice because she drew Samoan girls holding some fruit in a bowl. One was wearing a puletasi and a flower necklace and her hair was blocking her right eye. 
In her backgrounds she has island trees and a sea behind it with sand. I like her painting because she used bright colours and nice brush strokes that are neat. 
I picked Niue as my special place because it is important because my aunts and uncles live there. I really miss them. In my artwork I used light blue and dark blue colours for my sea and sky. The sand was the colour yellow mixed with white.

Mary I

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Term 2 Reflection

This term we have been learning about Art Alive. We have been learning about Daniella Hulme, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and Henri Matisse they are a good painter known as a artist.
A few weeks ago we have been looking at our special place and our favorite artist. We are trying our hardest to finish our art it is so hard and a little bit easy for some others when we are finished our sketching we had to paint it.

It was too funny because my art turned out ugly then I had to start again then I tryed it turned out a little bit call and then I went to send my teacher a photo then she said thanks can you send me your writing then I sended my writing and my name of my art. It was called parsifal island then I tried to think of another name then Miss Lagitupu came up with one it was called Niue.

Few weeks later we started to make a card for Junior it was so fun then when we finished we gave it to Miss Lagitupu. When we finished making our card we started to write about our artwork that i'm not started on then after that we started to finish and our whole artwork was finshed. THE END....

Friday, June 15, 2012

My Charater 2

My Character is Kat she is an actor for Victoricus. I like Kat because she is good at singing and she has a beautiful smile and she is pretty. I picked her because I always watch Victoricus  and I always see Kat on T.V she has Red hair and Brown eyes. She is good at singing and acting she goes to Tori Vega School they are best friends and they go to Hollywood Arts School. And her favorite colur is red.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Charater...


My character is Tori Vega. She is an actor and a good singer. She is an actor for Victorious and some other movies and she is so pretty. She has 1 sister on Victorious. Her name is Trina  she sings ‘Make it shine’ with this boy called Andre. He is good at making songs for Trina and Tori. In  the movie they go to Hollywood Art High school. Tori is so pretty because  she has brown eyes and clean teeth and she has my favorite colour on her jacket and my other colour is black on her skirt. Her fake name is Tori Vega and real name Tori Justice.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mary Features of a narrative 2

                                                    Story 2

One day there was a little girl named Karen who lived with her great great grandma, they lived in a secret place where nobody has been there before.  A day later, Karen  went to pick some fruit for her grandma.

She went to pick some fruits in the fruit garden but then suddenly she heard a noise, she said
who is itno one answered so she ran back home and she knew someone was following her then she ran even faster and faster then she got home and ran inside. She locked the door and said “Grandma” but she wasn't there, so Karen went to look in the closet she wasn’t there.....

Then she ran outside and said “grandma are you there” there was the big bad gorilla and then he  grabbed Karen and said “got you now” then she called for help “HELP HELP” then her grandma came out of the garage with an axe and said “ WELL WELL WELL WHAT DO WE GOT RIGHT HERE''.

 ‘’Let go of her’’ grandma said all I will kill you then the bad gorilla said “no way’’ then grandma said “come on then let's fight” then 5 hits on the cheat he was dead than Karen fell on the ground and said grandma I was looking for you. Then grandma said that she was in the garage looking at old things and I heard you stream.
                                   .......THEN THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.........

Mary & Senolita Features of a narrative 1

                                                  Story 1

Once upon a time there lived a little girl and boy named Jack and Lisa. They lived in a little hut near the forest they were peeking out of there hut to see if the big bad witch was waiting outside of their little hut. But as they were looking they could not see anyone out there, They suddenly locked the door so the witch couldn't come in the hut. The door was broken so they tried and tried to lock the door but as soon as they heard a sound they thought it was the big bad witch so they tried not to make a sound so the witch doesn't hear them.

Jack the brother was holding Lisa’s mouth so she doesn't make any sound but she had to sneeze. Then the witch heard so she went into the little hut and the witch was finding the children and then they were running away because the witch was coming after them. Then they said  ‘’HELP HELP’’ but no one heard them. So they keep  running so  then they ran into the forest then they saw the witch and then the witch hopped on her powerful broom and came flying towards them.

Then finally the witch grabbed Jack and Lisa. She took them to her gingerbread house and said “MWAHAHAHAHA” and then she put them into a cage. Lisa was hungry so she went to put his hand out of the cage and got a cupcake from the table and then the witch grabbed it off her and took Lisa out of the cage and was putting her into the oven but as she was doing that Jack got out of the cage because it was made out of gingerbeard cage.

So the Jack ate the gingerbread and then he got out the witch turned around and then Lisa ran from the oven. Then Jack ran up to the witch and pressed her into the oven and she was burning. Jack and Lisa took some food then left to go back home and to have something to eat
                                      …....AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER......

Friday, June 8, 2012

Static Image...

A static image is a still image with no movement. This is a static image of the cross. The lighting is used to highlight the cross. The background is so dark so it makes the cross and the lighting stand out. This photo has been taken from the front angle. I like this photo because it remind me of God and Church.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oueens Birthday

In the weekends I on Queens Birthday I went to town with my Mum and sister. We went to town on June 4th Because it was queen's birthday we catch the bus there because there were no trains. We went there to see my cousins in town It was so fun because we ate Burger King in town and we went shopping for some clothes and shoes. After we finshed eating we went to my mums work I was helping her with my sisters it was alot of fun. When I finshed helping my mum I started to say ‘’hello’’ to my mom's boss his name was Noel he told me to tell my mum that me and my sister is going with him to the warehouse. We brought lollies because he told us to get lollies for us and ice blocks and he brought his kids toys  I was saying we is my mum then my mom's boss said she is working then I said okay. Then it was time to go home I said bye to all of the people I met. The End