Friday, November 30, 2012

Going to Athletics

Walking into the doors threw the gates as I see a humongous crowd filled with colours. Having lots of Butterflies in my stomach because I was so nervous because they all looked fast to me.

Going to find a nice spot for us to sit down and waited patiently for it to start. Sitting down with my buddy Serena talking about the 400m. I was so scared that I didn’t want to do the 400m. Wanting to let my cousin Alexandria race for the 400m with Serena.

As it started everybody wasn’t even nervous at all it was only me and Serena because we had to run the 400m. As we walked to the start line we had to sit down and we got into numbers. Serena was first (BANG) went to the gun in the mans hands of they went sprinting as hard as she  can. She was coming 5th then when she got around the corner she came 3rd of she went sprinting as hard as she can. Cheering as hard as I could seeing her finish that race.

Next up was my race. I was so nervous hearing Miss V telling me to believe in myself. Of I went running as hard as I could coming 2th then when we got around the corner I was coming 1st then when I got passed The discus court this girl overtook me then I came 3rd.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Food Tech....

Hook:Yay! Everybody shouted as Miss Heka finished telling us what we were cooking.

Last Tuesday on the 15th of november the year 7s had tech. I was in Food Tech with my friend Serena and my sister Jessica. As we got to Tamaki College we went straight to our tech class. I walked straight to Food Tech and waiting patiently for Miss Heka to come. As the door opened we went inside and washed our hands and we put our Aprons on then we went to our bench.

As Miss Heka told the washer to go and get the trolley. I went to get it because we needed the things in it like a pan a large bowl and the others. Then later after that Miss Heka told us what we needed to get out and what we didn’t need. Then Miss Heka told us how to make it. We had to split up in 3 partners I was with Serena and Jessica.
It was so hard making Pancakes because our group failed.  Then I wished that we were finished making it and we went back to school.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Going to Manaiakalani Film Festival...

As I walked into the Theatre there was a huge crowd filled with lots of colours.  It was like a rainbow because colours were everywhere.

As we got inside the Theatre we went straight to our seats. Room 22 was right in front of us. I wanted to sit next to my friends because they were right in front of us. So I went around and sat with my friends because they told me to come sit with them.

As everybody was waiting patiently for the lights to turn of and the movie to start we started to talk. ‘’Finally’’ we all said as the film was going to begin. As it started the presenters got up and said there little speech. It began everybody was going wild and screaming.

The first movie to start was One Direction by Tamaki College. It started with 5 Pt england kids then it went 3 years later as they were growing up the 3 years later again then they grow up more then it went 3 years later again they were old. Everybody was laughing because it was so funny. Then there was some more movies. Then later after that we started going back to school fast because it was home time.

My favorite Film was One Direction by Tamaki College because it was funny. I really like the song and I like the moves.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mary Athletic......

Start Last Thursday we had Athletics. I was in Takitimu which represents yellow. As the bell rang we all went to line up at the courts for Athletics.
As we got there I saw lots of colours everywhere on the courts. It looked so cool like a rainbow.  And when people run past me it looks blurry as when they run pass. As Mr jacobsen the small one and Miss Va'afusuaga said ‘’Good Moring school’’ . That was when everybody stops and stay ‘’Good Morning Mr Jacobsen and Miss  Va'afusuaga .  

Then it was time to start the day.  Our first course was Discus. It was so hard because we had to throw our farest.  When it was my turn I went up and got the Discus and threw it my strongest and  I came 2nd.  Then later after that I hate to sit in the 2nd line next to the 1st person. Then later after that I had to have a rematch  with Stephanie straight after moring tea.  Later after everybody finished having a turn we went to our next course High jump with Miss King.  

As we walked over to Miss King for High jump.. Later when we got there We had to sit down and Miss King tells us instructions about how high the pole is going to be.  I had a job. My job was to hold the pole and then when it falls down I have to put it back on the pole.  But none of them made it  over for the 3rd highest. So we had to do it again next week.  

Our next rotation was Javelin  with  Mr Barks.  It was so hard because I thought that if I threw the Javelin I might hit the back people. As it was nearly my turn I was nervous. I was a little bit shaking. As it was my turn I got up and I threw it with all my strength. The Javelin was flying threw the
air all of  a sudden there was a bang on the ground . It went over the 3rd persons throw. I was so happy because I made it in the finals. I came 2nd.

Later after that we went to Soft ball throw.  I came 2nd then later we went to relays I had to sit out for that one because my leg was sore .

Friday, November 9, 2012

How to make a Doughnut Pillow...

How to make
A Doughnut Pillow!!!!

You will need
*2 Blanket in different colour.
*Filling for pillows.

Step 1: This Brown Blanket is for the dough.
Step 2: Fold it in half and draw two circles...A smaller one inside a large circle.
Step 3: Cut along the lines.
Step 4: Use another blanket for ‘’frosting’’.
Step 5: Draw shape of frosting.
Step 6: Cut along the lines.
Step 7: Sew it on the top of the circle.
Step 8: Sew ‘’Dough’’ on the wrong side and leave small opening so you can turn inside out.
Step 9: Fill your Doughnut.
Step 10: Hand sew around small circle of ‘’frosting’’.
Step 11: Cut the crumbs from the sponge and sew it on the Doughnut.  
                        And you're done :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Favorite Toy....

My favorite toy would be a Teddy Bear, because when I was little I used to cuddle it in my hands and sleep with it. My mum said I would never leave it around. I always kept it safe in my own hands. And when ever my cousin’s wanted to hold it or touch it I would always say  ‘’NO’’.
My Teddy Bear is brown and has a red bow on it’s head.  And when you  push the hand it would sing a santa song. The song was ‘We wish you a merry christmas’. My sister Jessica and I had one each.  My Teddy Bear was so important to me. My Teddy Bear was my best friend when I was small. I always used to dress up my teddy bear with my little clothes from when I was a baby.

My teddy bear looked so beautiful. I loved my teddy bear. When it was christmas I always showed my family it and they would always laugh. That made me laugh as well. I got that teddy bear from my grandma. I got it for my birthday. But my teddy bear reminds me of my grandma. I got it when I was 5 years old.

My Teddy bear gives me good luck. Because when I went to sleep I always have bad dreams so I always cuddle the teddy bear and I will always say “I wish I never have bad dreams again”.  Then it comes true.

When I got older and older my mum gave it to my little cousin so my little cousin had it like me. She will always hold it and sleep with it.