Thursday, February 23, 2012


On a hot Thursday, after morning tea, we had netball with Liz. I lined up and waited for Mrs Lagitupu to take us to netball. Then she walked in the street and said ”do you have your hats?” We said “yes”. Then she opened the class room and got her hat then locked the door and walked to the courts.

After we got there Liz told us that we had to line up behind the yellow line. Then she said to pair up in to partners. I was with Senolita. She told us that we have to do the side steps but little. After the side steps she calls out “and back” and we come back. After we learned a few skills we had to go on the dots or crosses that were on the ground.

Then she told us to go get a ball and go back to your dots or crosses. Waata and Caroline had to call out numbers. We started to do our passing when they were calling out the numbers. After that we had to do passing skills. Then we started to play a game. It was so much fun, but my feet were burning hard out.

Monday, February 20, 2012

All About Me

Hi my name is Mary I go to Pt England School I am a year 7 and I am 11 years Old and I am In Room 21 my Teachers name is Sandy Lagitupu she is a great Teacher. My Favorite colour is Hot Pink and I am a Niue from the island my favorite sport is Racing other people and my favorite song is Peter T the one who sings My babe don’t call no more and my best friend is Senolita.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Treaty Of Waitangi

Protection Conflict
Partnership Clashes The People who was in the treaty!!!!!!!
Participation James Busby, Henry Williams,Hone Heke, William Hobsen

The Treaty was signed on the 6th of February 1840. About 40 chiefs signed it and by the end of the year 500 more chiefs signed it.

The British tried to get all the chiefs to sign the treaty. There were flags every where. British interests were different to Maori and some were angry. Queen Victoria said that they needed to set up a civil government in NZ. But in order to do that a treaty between Maori and Pakeha was needed.

Protection means to guard things things you like
partnership sharing one another
participation Taking part in activities

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My chart

Hi my name is Mary Ikimata I have been learning about some things like Charts. A chart is a thing that you do when you like colours and you go to other people and ask them what there favorite Colour is then if they say pink then write pink on your list thats all you do. Then you go on this website called creature Craft then you write your favorite Colour and other people one. The End See me on a norther post cheers.

first Day Of School

shy friends 5
nervous class
afraid teacher
happy cool

On the first day of the school I was so nervous because I didn't know which class I was in. I ran to my sister and cousin and said “are you feeling shy?” and they said “no, why”? I said I that I was feeling shy. Then they said “how come?” I said “I don’t know” then I just went to the hall and lined up. I went to sit down in my old class then everyone was talking about what class they were in. I just sat there waiting for Mr Burt to come and talk. He came walking up to the front and he said hello everyone how was your holiday then we said good.

Then he told us the year 7 and 8 to go to the street and miss Nua will tell you what class your in. Then we walked to the street she told us what class were in, so I waited and I was in room 21. I was so happy. Then my sister asked “what class am I in?” Then I said I don't know. Room 22 came up and Miss Nua said my sisters name, my cousins name and Serena name. Then I was like “aye how come she in the highest class” they were laughing and I was laughing too...

I am injoying my staff in room 21....
The End

Treaty Of Waitangi

The Treaty was signed in 6 of February 1840. About 40 chiefs signed it and by the end of the year, and 500 women's had signed there Moko’s on it to. And the government was trying to send all the chiefs to let every one sign the treaty but there were British flags every were. British interests were different to Maori some were angry and were happy. Queen Victoria said
that they needed to set up a civil government needed to be set up in order to do that a treaty between Maori and Parkea was needed. In 1840 they needed houses,technology,clothes,transport. There were about missionaries,settlers,whalers,and traders. The End