Monday, January 14, 2013

In The Holidays

In the Holidays I spent time with my friend Serena. We played the playstation 3 we were playing UFC,Rugby League and also Modern warfare 3. It was so funny playing rugby league because I was beating Serena but until I got to the try line I kicked the ball by accident then we were cracking up because of that. Later after that it got boring so I changed it to UFC Boxing game it was so crack up because I was Broke Lesnar and I didn't know what serena was so I keep beating her until my cousin came in and said he was playing. The later after 4 hours we started playing Modern Warfare.

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  1. Hi Mary I see that you had a lot of fun.In the holidays, there are a little thing you need to fix and change.But I enjoyed your writing about the holidays.Keep up the fantastic work.

    By Alexandria.J


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